Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Statesman Spoke Today

I have watched the political debates, read the blogs, visited the webpages of the candidates and thought a great deal about the eventual wellbeing of our nation. I was particularly impressed with the ideas presented by Fred Thompson. He spoke to me like an adult and seemed to have a good grasp on what our nation needed to do. His campaign did not live up to his promise. Others voiced firm resolve to win the war started by the terrorists multiple attacks on our embassies, marine barracks, the USS Cole and culminated in 9/11. Some candidates promise a prompt end to the war without victory and will allow those who hate us to claim victory. I must reject defeat because my families blood has been shed in order to protect this nation. I cannot accept giving up on the nation so many have died to protect. Since NC does not have a primary until May, I have not voted. Ultimately, I favored Romney and was sad to see on TV that he was suspending his campaign. Then I heard him speak. He said we are a country at war and cannot continue a protracted primary season. For the wellbeing of the nation, he decided it was better to stop campaigning and let the front runner begin to clarify the issues facing us. Rather than persue an ambition that might lead to further disarray within a party, he will step aside. He spoke of the effects of culture on the wellbeing of a nation. He spoke of the traditional strengths of our nation and the negative effects of entitlement dependency. He spoke of the role of family with two parents nurturing children. I believe I have found my candidate and instead of waiting until May, it may be four more years before I can vote for Romney, but I do believe he is a statesman who will serve us well in the future.