Sunday, February 15, 2009

What's The Hurry

The Stimulus Bill is so important that it had to be voted upon before Congress could read it. Promises to give taxpayers at least 48 hours to review it were broken because of the urgency to save our nation from catastrophe allow Nancy to catch her plane to Europe and allow the president a much needed respite from his arduous work to take yet another tedious flight on Air Force One.

While Nancy and Obama jet around we can now take the time to actually print whatever it is that the powers that be decide to slip into the bill that was passed. Who will take the time to read both the copy of the bill as it was when voted for and the final bill as printed for the presidential signature?

Now that it has been rushed through Congress and pushed down the citizens' throats, we can relax and await the final signature for when an appropriate photo-op is available.

Until then, the nation is on hold and the catastrophe averted.