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Iraq & Iraqi`s

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Our Prime Minister

Till last Wednesday 22nd of Sep 2004 I was unsure whom I would choose or elect as our next elected prime minister in Iraq, but when I heard the speech of Dr. Eyad Allawy our prime minister in the congress on last Thursday, I am sure I will elect him or who ever he would support on the elections to come on next January. I saw in him a determined man with ideals and a clear plan to push Iraq & Iraqis towards prosperity, and he was not afraid to hide his gratitude to the coalition countries. For me that's a very important to know that we have honest prime minister.
I was not the only Iraqi who was happy with the speech, I was surprised with many many Iraqis positive reaction towards it, and I am sure this speech will have its great influence on the next Iraqi elections and the next American presidency elections too, as a great credit for president Bush and his administration, because many Americans now understands that many Iraqis who stands behind Prime Minister Allawy and support him are having the same Ideals and gratitude feelings and that makes the war in Iraq worth the loses the coalition had.
I am writing the article and hearing the radio saying the president Bush ordered for removing Iraq name from terrorism supporting countries list. That would not happen if he can�t see the future of Iraq will be in the right hands which will keep the Iraqi plan towards prosperity.
I find it very important to bring for you a very speechfull picture of the pride we felt out of having our prime minister speaking to congressmen and senators and here I found nothing to say better than thank God, thank you and God bless you and guide Iraq to peace.

// posted by Firas Georges"

UPDATE on The President Has A lesson For Us

Thanks to a comment left on my first entry, I found the expanded story at (click on Title)


Soccer Moms, as a voting group, gives way to Security Moms and Grand moms. This pleases me, since I see security as the greatest need for our country, among the pivotal issues being discussed. I have held this view, for more than a year, before the phrase was coined.

I see President Bush as a serious, people loving man. He demonstrates caring as in when he hugs a young girl who lost her mom in the 9/11 disaster. The only reason we, as a nation, saw this was because her Dad snapped a picture. I read about his visits to our wounded where he kneels at the bedside to pray with a soldier and when the President holds a salute until the wounded drops his salute first. These reports come to view not because it was planned as a photo op, but because family or military persons who witnessed this report it. He obviously loves his family: his wife, children, parents and siblings. Despite his wealth, he is able and willing to perform hard physical labor when at home. He submits to a higher authority and is not afraid to speak of his personal faith in our Lord.

He was strong, resolute and reassuring after 9/11. His love for the United States of America is obvious.
He is able to make decisions, after consultation with advisors, and stay the course. He is not poll dependent and risked his presidency to follow his best judgment. When things go wrong as we pursue the war, he does not blame others. He is loyal to his staff. He sees the terrorists in clear terms and chooses to fight them where they are instead of waiting for them to attack us at home. He is capable of working with leaders of other countries when those countries work toward the common good. He is able to work without those countries who serve their self interest before the common good for the world. He honors those leaders of countries who are willing to stand with the United States and does not deride those who
choose not to join with us. He views liberty as the right of all men.

I see John Kerry as an effete, self serving man. He has grown accustomed to the "finer" things in life and has managed to marry two women who are capable of providing these things. He enjoys his rich man's image be it in the sports he engages in or flying a hair stylist across country to cut his hair. He collects the rich man's toys. He panders to the poor and middle class by trying to pass himself off as a regular guy who feels their pain over health care costs and job loss.
When you look at his income tax records, many years there were no charitable contributions claimed. His money, his wife's money and his choice for vice president all take advantage of loopholes in the law to minimize their tax burden.

He, in my view, enjoys the prestige of his position but lacks the dedication to his constituents and nation. He missed many meetings on national security while still "working" at his senate job. Once he decided to run for the presidency, he left his constituency without representation in the senate and yet refused to resign so that those people could have a working senator. When things go wrong, he blames others. He fell, it was the fault of the secret service. Wrong records are posted and it is some staff members fault. When the 9/11 commission report was produced, he immediately said he would implement all of its recommendations and keep the commission on for 18 months to oversee the changes. My immediate reaction to this was, he would not have to take responsibility for the outcome. Scapegoats would be in place. What time did he take to thoroughly review the report? What was truly right for our nation? He began criticizing the President for not immediately accepting and implementing all provisions of the recommendations.

He selected a campaign staff who were loyal to him but he continued to add to the staff members who offer different methods of campaigning. He does not seem to know how to manage a campaign. How can he lead our country? He is unable to articulate exactly what his positions are. He panders to specific groups making promises that will be very difficult to fulfill. If given an opportunity to be top dog in France, I think he would prefer it to living in the United States. He seems to feel that America is somehow to blame for anything and everything that goes wrong. He denigrates the countries who have been our strongest allies in the past few years. He insults the integrity of both our President and the leaders of other nations. His commentary on Prime Minister Allawi's visit shamed our nation.

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The Lost Balloonist

A woman in a hot air balloon realized she was lost. She lowered her altitude and spotted a man in a boat below.

She shouted to him, "Excuse me, can you help me? I promised a friend I would meet him an hour ago, but I don't know where I am."

The man consulted his portable GPS and replied, "You're in a hot air balloon, approximately 30 feet above a ground elevation of 346 feet above sea level. You are at 31 degrees, 14.97 minutes north latitude and 100 degrees, 49.09 minutes west longitude.

She rolled her eyes and said, "You must be a Republican." "I am," replied the man. "How did you know?" "Well," answered the balloonist, "everything you told me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to do with your information, and I'm still lost. Frankly, you've not been much help to me."

The man smiled and responded, "You must be a Democrat." "I am," replied the balloonist. "How didyou know?"

"Well," said the man, "you don't know where you are or where you're going. You've risen to where you are, due to a large quantity of hot air. You made a promise that you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. You're in exactly the same position you were in before we met but, somehow, now it's my fault."


View from the Pew will be posting the Presidential Prayer later this evening.


"Untold Iraq features the stories of Iraqis and Americans who are building a secure, stable and democratic future in Iraq"

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I thank my Lord for:
continuing to bless our country even though many people have gone down their own paths.
taking care of our country after the devastation of 9/11.
watching over small and large businesses as they began anew following 9/11.
providing for many people in times of uncertainty

I ask for His guidance in these things:
we be good stewards with the money we have earned.
we continue to support local businesses to help keep our communities together.
we talk with our friends and neighbors to help keep each other informed about the truths regarding our economy.
we support our government in looking to the future with hope instead of fear.

Lord, we thank You for Your blessings and a president with integrity and we ask You to continue to bless our country with a growing economy. Amen.

From: Fresh As A Daisy


IRAQ THE MODEL has another interesting post. Where do Kerry and Kennedy come up with their information???

"I received an e-mail from one of our dear readers who's a father of a marine serving in Najaf now.
The marine sent his father the message below in which he provides some interesting observations from there. He's also asked for some help in providing stationery for kids in Najaf."

Abortion Linked to Breast Cancer

One significant research fact regarding the link between abortion and breast cancer is being ignored and kept from girls and women by the pro-choice groups. I have exerpted two sources below. The first dealing with the reluctance of a researcher to tell the conclusions of the research.The second regarding the resignation of a very active advocate, seeking cures for breast cancer, after learning that the Susan G. Koman Foundation which raises money through Walks for Breast Cancer Research has funded Planned Parenthood who advocates abortion.

"Dr. Rosenberg's statement recognizes what is already is universally accepted by medical experts: that an early first full term pregnancy has a protective effect against breast cancer. This is the first way in which abortion causes this deadly disease. This fact alone should be enough to motivate all abortion providers and women's groups, who profess to care about women's health, to inform abortion-bound women that induced abortion will cause them to forgo this protective effect. " Read More--click title

The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancerapplauds Eve Sanchez Silver's courageous decision toresign her position as a charter member of The Susan G.Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's National Hispanic/Latina Advisory Council (SGK) during the
group's Dallas meeting last week. Silver is the director of Cinta Latina Research. She's a popular speaker and a medical research analyst working as abreast cancer research advocate with premier U.S. cancer research facilities.
Silver, a two-time breast cancer survivor, was motivated to resign after reading a coalition press release revealing that Komen's affiliates have helped fund Planned Parenthood.

"Cancer walkers raised millions for SGK believing theywere 'racing for the cure,'" commented Mrs. Malec. "They were really racing for Planned Parenthood."

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Presidential Prayer Day 5

"Father God,
We approach you with humility and awe at your greatness and power. You have blessed each one of us in many ways as well as pouring out many blessings on our country and its many leaders over the years. Lord, we come to you today in the midst of our election season at a time when many parts of the world seem upside down and inside out and we struggle each in our own space to make sense of it all. In a world that appears fraught with evil and negativity we come to You today and offer up prayers for protection.
You have said that you are always near, always watching. We pray that we may all be more aware of Your presence in our lives. In this election season we ask for specific prayers of protection over the many candidates participating in this great democracy. We ask you to watch over President George Bush and Senator John Kerry as they participate in our democratic process. Send your legions of angels to watch over them and guide them over the coming months that no harm may befall them. We also ask that you watch over their families and campaign workers that they might benefit from your guidance and protection as well.
Father we also ask that you watch over the many candidates and families that are participating in the many local and state elections being held around the country in November. Guide them, protect them, and let them be aware of your goodness in their lives.
We prayer all of these things to you Father, and many more that are on our hearts, in the name of Your Son, our Savoir, Jesus Christ.

From Eric at Certa Veritas

Jeff Jacoby: Why the 9/11 Fund was a mistake

It was not PC to disagree after the events of 9/11 when funds were established for the survivors of the disaster. I wondered at the time about the total cost in tax dollars and what kind of precedent we were setting. Why could a firefighter in Iowa or a policeman in Maryland lose his life in the line of duty and not be included in such payouts. How about lives lost in earthquakes or in the Murrow building? Is one life worth less than the other?

"All told, 2,878 families received tax-free payments averaging nearly $2.1 million apiece. Payments were also made to another 2,675 people, mostly rescue workers, who were injured that day at Ground Zero or the Pentagon. "

The President Has a Lesson For Us

The President has a lesson for us
By Paul Jetter, Columnist

Piqua Daily Call
Piqua, Ohio, August 2004

My son worked this summer in Washington, D.C. A friend of his works for Laura Bush in the White House. She planned an event for the award winners of a program called "Preserve America." One of the award winners sent back an email about his experience during the time he was in the Oval Office to be recognized. I would like to share part of his email with you.

"On our way out of the office we were to leave by the glass doors on the west side of the office. I was the last person in the exit line.
As I shook his hand one final time ... I then did something that surprised even me. I said to him, 'Mr. President, I know you are a busy man and your time is precious. I also know you to be a man of strong faith and I have a favor to ask you.' As he shook my hand he looked me in the eye and said, 'Just name it.'

"I told him that my step-Mom was at that moment in a hospital having a tumor removed from her skull and it would mean a great deal to me if he would consider adding her to his prayers that day. He grabbed me by the arm and took me back toward his desk as he said,
'So that's it. I could tell that something is weighing heavy on your heart today. I could see it in your eyes. This explains it.'
From the top drawer of his desk he retrieved a pen and a note card with his seal on it and asked, 'How do you spell her name?'

He then jotted a note to her while discussing the importance of family and the strength of prayer. "When he handed me the card, he asked about the surgery and the prognosis. I told him we were hoping that it is not a recurrence of an earlier cancer and that if it is they can get it all with this surgery. He said, 'If it's okay with you, we'll take care of the prayer right now. Would you pray with me?'
I told him yes and he turned to the staff that remained in the office and hand motioned the folks to step back or leave.

He said, 'Bruce and I would like some private time for a prayer.'

"As they left he turned back to me and took my hands in his. I was prepared to do a traditional prayer stance standing with each other with heads bowed. Instead, he reached for my head with his right hand and pulling gently forward, he placed my head on his shoulder. With his left arm on my mid back, he pulled me to him in a prayerful embrace. He started to pray softly. I started to cry. He continued his prayer for Loretta and for God's perfect will to be done. I cried some more. My body shook a bit as I cried and he just held tighter. He closed by asking God's blessing on Loretta and the family during the coming months.

"I stepped away from our embrace, wiped my eyes, swiped at the tears I'd left on his shoulder, and looked into the eyes of our President.
I thanked him as best I could and told him that my family and I would cntinue praying for him and his family. He has a pile of incredible stuff on his plate each day and yet he is tuned in so well to the here and now that he 'sensed' something heavy on my heart. He took time out of his life to care, to share, and to seek God's blessing for my family..."

What a lesson for us all! In our busy world it is so easy to tell people we will pray for them and then forget all about it. How much better would it be if we took a moment and prayed with them right then.

The Bible says we are to "Pray continually" l Thessalonians 5:17).
I don't think that means to be always on our knees, but instead to be in tune with those around us and always ready to take their needs to our Heavenly Father.

Paul Jetter is the pastor of Upper Valley Community Church in Piqua, Ohio.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

How Did I Miss This

Daniel McKivergan wrote in the Weekly Standard

Lugar's Other Comments

"As a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Senator John Kerry has failed to participate in almost two-dozen bipartisan open oversight hearings. At these hearings, both Republicans and Democrats have offered timely criticism and helped President Bush to continue to shape, refine, and improve our policies and activities in Iraq. Without offering any alternative plans that our committee and the American people could debate, Senator Kerry has tried to argue that President Bush is concealing the truth and the potential that events in Iraq will become worse. In fact, with the participation of the administration, we have been publicly airing and examining all scenarios, including the worst outcomes. Through constructive bipartisan criticism, we believe that we have supported and strengthened the resolve and resources of our president, our troops, and the Iraqis. With our help, the Iraqis are pushing through terrorist obstacles to freedom, democracy, and a better life in a country that has suffered through decades of tyranny and has routinely committed aggression against other nations. We look forward, this week, to the visit of Prime Minister Allawi of Iraq with President Bush, his speech to a joint session of the Congress, and opportunities for Senators to question the Prime Minister and advise him on ways that we can work more successfully together.'"

The MSM has been very quick to point out any critical comment on the manner in Which Bush is managing the situation in Iraq. This is the first I have seen regarding Kerry.

Presidential Prayer Day 4

News from the Great Beyond posted today's prayer.

"Abba Father, I come before You today in thankfulness and humility. Thank You that You allowed us to be born into (or to come to live in) a country where we are free to worship You, and where we have the freedom of self-government. Thank You that we not only have the right, we have the responsibility to vote.
I ask that in preparation for this upcoming election, You would prepare the hearts of Your people to exercise this right and this responsiblity. Father, You alone are all-wise and all-knowing, and You know the plans You have for this country and who it is that will best lead us in the direction You have chosen. I ask that You would give us understanding, and that You would give us peace whatever the outcome.
I ask specifically, Lord, for those who have not voted before this election, that they would be impressed with the need to cast their vote in determining the future direction of this country. Lord God, stir up in them a desire to make their voices and values heard - not only in the race for the Presidency, but also in their local states and communities.
We ask that Your will be done in our lives, as well as in our country.
In Jesus' name,
So let it be."

The Twentythird Psalm

In his beautiful book, "I Shall Not Want," Robert Ketchum tells of a Sunday
School teacher who asked her group of children if anyone could quote the
Entire 23rd Psalm. A golden-haired, four-and-a-half-year-old girl was
among those who raised their hands. A bit skeptical,
the teacher asked if she could really quote the entire psalm.
The little girl came to the front of the room, faced the class, made a perky little bow,
and said, "The Lord is my shepherd, that's all I want."
She bowed again and went and sat down.

That may well be the greatest interpretation of the 23rd Psalm ever heard.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Declaration from Najaf Hawza

Declaration from Najaf Hawza

Najaf Hawza is the theological foundation which includes schools and university established more than 1000 years ago. Unlike the Sunni schools which were supported by the governments, Hawza is an independent foundation supported by the charity money from the Shai Muslims all over the world. One of its teachers now is Sayid Ali Sistani. It has been targeted many times by all the Sunni government along the history of the Islamic state and the recent Iraqi state especially by Saddam regime. Many of its scholars have been executed.

Hawza released many statements about the kidnapping and the killing of the innocent people whoever they are. The last statement was on the 25 Sep 2004 and below is the summary of the last statement.

By the Name of Allah the most Compassionate and the most Merciful

The kidnapping and killing of Iraqis, Arabs and Foreigners by organisations which considers all other than itself as infidels is not from Islam and its noble values and principles. One of the victims of these organisations are the Shia individuals, the university lectures and scientists, the intellectuals, the doctors, the officials, the innocent people in places of worship (Mosques, Churches, and others), the workers, the Shia drivers who were killed in Falluja, the Kurds, the Turkmans, and others.

The crimes of the above organisations also involved the foreigners who came to Iraq for work or as professionals in their speciality to help in the process of building or planning. Those victims are from Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Pakistan, France, Italy, UK, USA, Nepal, Spain, Canada, Russia, Bulgaria and others.

We repeat what we have said before that these wrong and tyrannised acts do not belong to Islam by any way.

We call for the release of all those who were kidnapped i"

Presidential Prayer, Day 3

Served at a Safe Temperature by Kelli

Dear Father,
Today, I pray for the presidential and vice presidential candidate's families. First, I pray that if none of them know You as their personal Lord and Savior, that You would draw them to Yourself. I pray they will repent, seek Your forgiveness, and ask You to be Lord of their lives.
I pray that the daughters of the presidential candidates will be honest, self-controlled, merciful, respectful, faithful, kind, generous, humble, compassionate, and pure.
I pray they will seek You for wisdom and guidance.
I pray they will be filled with Your Spirit of truth.
I pray You will give them a heart that desires to obey You.
I pray You will protect them from harm.
I pray You will give them a heart that will be quick to repent of mistakes.
I pray they will choose to use words that glorify You.
Lord, give the candidate's families Your peace.
In Jesus name,

A Liberal Agenda in Spain

Funding for Church to be slashed by Spanish leader "Mr Zapatero's first act after winning the general election in March was withdraw Spanish troops from Iraq, to the irritation of America and Britain. He then turned on the Church, which he views as part of the 'old Spain', announcing a string of reforms that have infuriated ecclesiastical authorities.

Mr Zapatero plans an entire programme of social reform, including equality for homosexuals, allowing women to inherit the Spanish throne, liberalising abortion laws, lifting restrictions on embryo research and cracking down on domestic violence."

Further enraging conservatives, the government has drawn up plans to finance the teaching of Islam in state-run schools and to give funds to mosques on the grounds that it will create greater understanding of the country's one million Muslims."

Except for the last paragraph, it sounds like the Spanish leader could easily fit his agenda into our liberal party in the US. Although the United States has never had a state religion, our Constitution was founded by Christians who incorporated their beliefs and our laws were established using the Judeo-Christian Ten Commandments. Zapatero is following the aims of the ACLU in that he wants crosses removed.

Again, I will state my willingness to have persons of good will immigrate in the United States. I do however strongly resent unwillingness to assimilate within our culture by demanding that we eliminate symbols of our heritage because it is offensive to them. If they are not able to enjoy the freedom to retain their faith, their culture and religion withinn what has been the norm since the birth of the US, perhaps they should reside elsewhere.

The liberal agenda has been successful in removing prayer from our schools, forbidden baccalaureate services associated with graduation, prevented display of Nativity scenes or the Ten commandments from public buildings and land and mocked the faith of Christians who still speak of their beliefs publicly. Court battles have been waged to remove crosses from county seals and one nation "under God" from our national pledge.

Muslims are attempting to build enclaves of Muslim only residences. They are building schools which teach the radical form of Islam. Will it be long before attempts are made to incorporate Muslim teachings and symbols in state affairs.

I am not anti Muslim, Hindu, or any other religion. I merely want this melting pot
of a country not to lose site of it's heritage while giving freedom to some while slowly stripping Christians of theirs.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Open Letter to Prime Minister Allawi

Dear Prime Minister Allawi,

Thank you for coming to the United States to talk with our leaders and address Congress. Many of the citizens who were able to view you on TV were moved by
your speech. As one citizen who has supported our war in Iraq and who has closely monitored events via blogs written by citizens of Iraq and from our military based in Iraq, I am thankful that in much of Iraq people are able to get on with their lives. I have become so fond of your good people, those who are adult professionals and your youth who are so eager to learn. They have taken freedom of speech to heart and show how eager they are for peace in their land and friendship to those who support them.

I commend you and your people who so bravely face the threat of injury and death. The brave men who continue to sign up for service in the various groups within your security forces and those of you who are in leadership positions are the epitome of bravery and heroism.

I apologize to you, as one American citizen, for those who criticize the efforts of both the Iraqi leadership, security forces and the multinational forces. I know that
war never goes according to the best laid plans and that a war's aftermath is always
uncertain. Neither our leaders nor yours are clairvoyant and problems will continue to occur. I have faith in the response of the Iraqis and in the multinational forces that slowly and surely will overcome.

Long live Iraq and the United States of America as we continue to strengthen our friendship.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Presidential Prayer Day 1 from Spare Change

"Presidential Prayer Day 1
Served at a Safe Temperature by Bryan [J-Life]

Father in heaven, You are not only the author of truth, You are Truth. There is no truth outside of You. As such, I come to you asking for Your Spirit to rest heavily over our nation for this day and the next forty days as we progress toward the election of our next president.
Father, will you please give both candidates a conviction to speak their messages clearly, directly, and truthfully so that Americans will not be deceived or confused as they choose the man who will lead and represent us? Father if any of the candidates are pursuing dishonest endeavors or desiring to win the office using dishonest means, please do not allow this to happen. We ask that you'd reveal all falsehoods in the days to ahead, so that truth may be known and understood.
Lord, I also ask for Your truth to rest heavily upon the people of this country. I ask that You show us where we have fallen short, where we have been selfish, where we have been wrong. I pray this over each person, each family, each municipality, and over our identity in the international community. Where we have been right and correct, I pray that You will affirm us in this and embolden us to continue. Where we have brought glory and honor to you, I pray for your encouragement and strength. But where we have been wrong and have followed our own wisdom to the consequence of our own folly, I pray you would make that known and we would turn from our ways and follow You.
We enter into Your presence with thanksgiving in our hearts for how You have provided for us, protected us, and used us to be world leaders. We dare not take Your blessings for granted, and we confess we are nothing without You. Forgive us of our sins -- individual, congregational, corporate, and national -- so that we may be one nation under God.
We pray"

Democracy and International Organizations

The actions of the UN are disappointing to many of us. We know changes must be made
if this organization is to be relevant in the current world situation.

"In fact, democratic countries are already combining their energies to advance freedom. Chile hosted a meeting of foreign ministers of the Community of Democracies (CD) Convening Group at the start of this year's General Assembly. In Geneva, our ambassador has joined meetings with members of this group and other countries who are on the Commission on Human Rights, to discuss our shared concerns. Here in Washington, we are hosting a series of lunches with large and small, new and not-so-new democracies to hear their ideas and concerns.
We are also listening to the concerns of civil society. Non-governmental organizations frequent my bureau to discuss the UN's difficulties in protecting and promoting human rights and fundamental freedoms. Everyone has a stake in helping the UN and international organizations work better in these areas.
But it is ultimately up to the member states of international organizations, and especially the United Nations, to exert more self-discipline in their decision-making. This is true whether they are involved in establishing program and budget priorities, electing countries to leadership positions and commissions, voting for sanctions, or passing resolutions. Democratic principles should underpin all that they do. Because what they decide will reflect on the credibility of the entire institution, which so many people hope can be a source of moral authority in the world. "

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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Kerry, The Post Turtle.


While stitching up a laceration on the hand of a 70-year-old Massachusetts business Tycoon (whose hand had been caught in a fence while working at his country home), the doctor and the old man were talking about Senator John Kerry possibly being in the White House one day.

The old Tycoon said, "Well, ya know, Kerry is a 'post turtle'."

Not knowing what the old man meant, the doctor asked him what a post turtle was.

The old man said, "When you're driving down a country road and you come across a fence post with a turtle balanced on top, that's a post turtle."

The old man saw a puzzled look on the doctor's face, so he continued to explain, "You know he didn't get there by himself, he doesn't belong there, he can't get anything done while he's up there, and you just want to help the poor stupid thing get down.

Decorated Soldier Reportedly Attacked At Concert

What is happening in our country? How can a person, who claims to be anti-war, violently attack someone for wearing a T-shirt they do not agree with. What has happened to the use of civil debate of opposing views? What has happened to the citizens of our great nation pulling together in times of national crisis?

I am apalled at the behavior of one person attacking another because they do not agree with the other person's perceived point of view. I personally do not like war and wish another way would make our nation safe from attack. We have a long history of trying diplomacy, appeasement or limited strikes which have obviously failed. What is the alternative to war? Can we expect the anti-war activists to come to the defense of their fellow citizens if we are attacked once again on our homeland? Will they come up behind our nations enemies and hit them on the head? What a cowardly way to approach.

Violence against a person for their race, sexual orientation, political beliefs,
religion or stance on war is never acceptable. This behavior must be prosecuted under anti-hate laws. Our parents and schools need to once again teach the golden rule. Less emphasis on self image and a lot more on the social skills needed to live in a diverse society should be included. If you learn to live with others in peace you can have a healthy self image. If you grow up thinking your are okay and the rest of the world is not, you are destined to a live filled with hate and violence.
If you are so self-centered, that rights guaranteed by our constitution only apply to you and those who feel just as you do, you are destined to lose those rights along with the rest of us.

Our brave men, who have been wounded in the service of our nation, deserve our respect and support. The families who have lost a loved one in the service to our country deserve our sympathy and respect. To do otherwise is to deny the very traits that have made our nation great.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


A group of Iraqi citizens in Al Karkh/ Khidr Al Yas arrested 6 Syrian terrorists after placing a land mine at the gate of Bab Al Mu�a dam bridge from Al Karkh side.

According to New Sabah newspaper, after a road side bomb exploded missing an American convoy that was patrolling in the area, a group of citizens who happened to be there noticed a bunch of young men who looked foreigners (turned out to be Syrians) that were gathering near the place and that looked suspicious. The citizens found their atittude very suspicious and they were not from the area, so they jumped on them and kicked them until some of them started to bleed and then turned them on to the American forces. Eyewitnesses said that the citizens were shouting "Terrorists. You are targeting our children and families. You are killing our youths"

This incident that took place near Haifa street comes after many attacks that terrorist Arabs were accused of carrying against American forces and Iraqi police stations."

Search Continues in Ivans Wake

My son's website has the latest newspaper articles and many color pictures of the
devastation from Ivan in Macon County, NC. One person who one of the four known deaths and her husband who remains missing had come to Macon County from Pensacola to avoid Hurricane Ivan.

Since I am not skilled in posting links, his website is


The Democrats are preparing as follows:

Dear Supporter,

We've got to spend every dollar as carefully and wisely as we can between now and November. And as we learned in Florida in 2000, we have to expect the unexpected on and after Election Day. That's why I'm writing to ask for your immediate help on a very special project.

Election Day is several weeks away, but our campaign is already considering our options should John Kerry or George Bush pursue a recount like the famous Florida ballot dispute in 2000. That year, the Bush campaign raised more than $14 million in the Florida crisis, compared to Al Gore's campaign, which raised $3.2 million. We can never again be outspent 4-to-1 in such a critical situation.

Help us get a head start funding our recount efforts: https://contribute...

Our campaign is asking the Federal Election Commission whether we could use our GELAC fund to pay the expenses associated with a recount effort. We are optimistic that the FEC will rule by the end of the month. But we can't wait. We need to begin raising funds now.

Your GELAC contribution will also help in other vital and even more immediate ways. It can free up more of the limited public funds we have available to buy media, support candidate travel, and pay for direct contact with voters. Here's how it works. The law allows candidates like John Kerry, who accept public financing, to raise private contributions to cover legal, accounting, and related administrative costs. Without sufficient GELAC funds, we would have to divert portions of our public financing allotment to cover those costs.

That's a step we simply can't afford to take.

Contribute to our critical GELAC fund here: https://contribute...

I urge you to help us raise the maximum for GELAC. That way, we can spend our entire general election budget on the things that matter the most. That's our goal. Please act today to help us meet it.

Thank you,

Mary Beth Cahill
Campaign Manager

A Plan, A Plan, Kerry Says He Has A Plan

In his New York speech, Kerry said "I believe the invasion of Iraq has made us less secure and weaker in the war against terrorism. I have a plan to fight a smarter, more effective war on terror – and make us safer."

I could possibly accept this if I felt that Kerry were truly informed about intelligence and foreign policy. He evidently has had so much self confidence in his own beliefs that he did not have to attend the Senate Committe Meetings dealing either with intelligence or foreign relations. He has not visited Iraq so his knowledge of what is really going on there is limited to second hand information. How many phone conferences has he had with Prime Minister Allawi? None that he has mentioned. Then what are his sources of information on Iraq? Does he know anything
about Iraq from our military who are there? Does he know anything from a single Iraqi who is looking forward to seeing his country achieve democratic rule?

This leads me to believe he probably doesn't know as much as many of the pajama clad
bloggers who take time to gain information from many different sources. At times I am in awe of the knowledge of the maligned bloggers. Military, legal, historical and technological expertise abound and when they pursue accuracy in their information on any given topic, there are many more with the ability to analyse and synthesize the information. I keep learning and thinking as new viewpoints are expressed.

Why is it that the more I listen to Kerry, the less I know about his true beliefs.
For a man who has really sloughed off his duty as a Senator in regard to important
Senate committees and who has initiated no significant legislation in nearly 20 years in the senate, Kerry offers me little reason to accept his judgement.
He does not offer up to date information on Iraq and seems unaware that Sammara has been restored to government control even though the control is tenuous. He mentions nothing about the citizens of Najaf who are rebuilding their city, welcoming the Iraqi Police and the Americans. Is he unaware that the people of Najaf do not want Sadr and ilk in their city and will no longer accept terrorists in their midst.

I for one am tired of Kerry's assertion that he has a plan. He states he has a plan
for making any situation he is talking about better. If he is a true statesman, why is he not sharing his magnificent plans to solve our problems now? I question if he has a well thought out plan to improve any situation. Actually, how could he have a defined plan for anything since he has taken so many different stances that one waits for the day before election to see what the policies du jour are.

Monday, September 20, 2004 Inside Cover Story

Teresa: My Critics Are 'Scumbags'
Hot-tempered would-be first lady Teresa Heinz Kerry has once again lashed out at her critics, this time during a Pittsburgh television interview where she called them 'scumbags.'"

Letters To Our Troops

Please Remember Our Troops!! They Give Their Today For Your Tomorrow!!

Sometime ago, some military and ex-military bloggers asked other bloggers to send letters that would be posted for our men and women in service to read. These have now been compiled and are available at

Please consider writing letters periodically to be posted at this site. Emails may be addressed to mamamontezz(at)sbcglobal(dot)net.

If you correspond with anyone serving in our multinational coalition, please advise them of the site where the letters are being posted. For the days they do not get mail, are feeling down or wondering about the support at home; reading some of these letters may give them the morale boost they need.

Wichita Eagle | 09/20/2004 | Kerry backers devise vote-swap scheme

Kerry backers devise vote-swap scheme


Philadelphia Inquirer

PHILADELPHIA - Pssst! Want your vote to count? In Ohio? Or Florida?
You can now arrange to trade votes with a voter in another state, under a plan created by activists who don't want Ralph Nader to siphon off votes from John Kerry in vital swing states.
Today, a group called will start hooking up Kerry voters in 'safe' Democratic or Republican states with third-party voters in hotly contested states. The goal: to get would-be third-party voters to vote for Kerry in swing states, in exchange for Kerry supporters voting for Nader or Green Party candidate David Cobb in secure states.
That way, third-party candidates would get as many popular votes as otherwise, while Kerry would maximize his votes in states where they matter most. For instance, a voter in 'safe' New Jersey could agree to vote for Nader, in exchange for a voter in 'swing' Ohio agreeing to vote for Kerry.
The organizers of insist vote-trading is legal, but some state elections officials are not so sure.
Organizers say they will begin linking voters today, at their Web site, Voters will be paired by e-mail, so they can 'make sure that their partner is pledging in good faith.'"

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Captain's Quarters September 19th

"Does John Kerry care more about grabbing power than he does about the United States? It certainly appears that way. Who gave the order for Diana Kerry to interfere with the Australian election? Who told her to act in a manner that is calculated to undermine the American-Australian partnership on the terror war? "

John Kerry keeps slamming the multinational coalition. Now he sent his sister to Australia to tell them they were less safe by joining with the US led coalition. Nice move John--another aiding and abetting scheme--get the Aussies to drop out will surely aid the enemy in Iraq.

Click on title to read more

IVAN Update From Macon County

When I wrote about Ivan acouple of days ago, I merely noted that my home,property and electric, satellite and internet were all functioning. I had no idea of the havoc in my county. My first clue about flooding came when my son told me he could not get home due to road closures. He is night auditor at a local motel, so had a safe place to stay. A friend called and we determined we had both weathered the storm without problem. My son then reported a news report out of Asheville telling of a Macon neighborhood about 6 miles, as the crow flies, from my home that lost 30
homes from a mudslide and 4 lives lost. Yesterday found out a friend 2-3 miles from me has been without power and the earliest estimate for restoring power is maybe Wednesday. Since we are a rapidly growing rural community we do not have public water etc. We have our own wells which means that without power, water pumps do not work. Local grocery stores are giving our bottles water and ice.

In the middle of last night, a tanker pulled in to the motel parking lot and began fueling the power trucks of power company staff sleeping in the motel. My son went out and spoke with the tanker driver and asked how many trucks he had to refuel in Macon County. The answer was 200.

This morning's Asheville newspaper has pictures of the devastation. The Tenn-NC section of Interstate I40 is closed because of flooding that undercut portions of the highway. Large chunks of the eastbound road were washed down a bank. They are restriping the west bound lane to allow two way traffic and hope to be able to open it tomorrow. The repair to the eastbound road will take months.

I thank the Lord that I was spared. My prayers go out to those who have suffered so much. We are not certain of any other losses of life as some people have not been located and rescue teams have not been able to get to some of the areas. Flooding or
total loss of some roads requires cutting of new roads after debris, downed wires and trees block access.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Mudville Gazette 9/18/04 THE ROAD LESS GRAVELED

A down home message for Dan Rather in the colorful Texas idiom he so loves
Y'all know what we all been thinkin' out here in Texas, Dan, since you started all this foolishness? We think y'all been pissin'down our necks an' tellin' us it's rain for so long that you boys done got to believin' it yourselves. Heck, we think maybe you been back East so long you got yourself thinkin' us folks out here couldn't hit sand if we fell off our horses; couldn't hit water if we fell outta the boat. Danged if you ain't been treatin' us like you think we got squirrels swimmin' in our gene pools or sumthin.' You need to remind yourself that a tree don't ever get too big for a short dog to lift his leg on, Dan."


Victor Davis Hanson on Iraq and Exit Strategy on National Review Online

"Yet leaving unilaterally from Iraq would be a tragic mistake. We have already done something like that before -- many times. What rippled out afterwards was not pretty. American helicopters flying off the embassy roof in Saigon in 1975 gave us the climate for the Soviets in Afghanistan, Communists in Central America, and embassy hostage-taking in Tehran. Ignoring murders in Lebanon, New York, East Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen, or lobbing an occasional cruise missile as tit-for-tat payback when terrorists harvested one too many expendable Americans abroad, ensured us September 11. In our loony world, losing credible deterrence (and we would) is an invitation for disaster -- as bin Laden himself illustrated when he logically thought that the toppling of the World Trade Center would be followed by another Black Hawk Down American pullback."

I too believe pulling out of Iraq would be the biggest mistake we could make. Those who recall the horror of 9/11 surely cannot believe that Iraq would not be completely overrun by terrorists who would in turn gain strength so that once again
they could perpetrate massive attacks on the USA. This truly would become another Vietnam in which the people we fought to liberate would be massacred by the radical Islamists.


HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE :: 'Europe Will Be Islamic by the End of the Century' by Robert Spencer

"Sweden's third-largest city, Malmo, according to the Swedish Aftonbladet, has become an outpost of the Middle East in Scandinavia: 'The police now publicly admit what many Scandinavians have known for a long time: They no longer control the situation in the nations's third largest city. It is effectively ruled by violent gangs of Muslim immigrants. Some of the Muslims have lived in the area of Rosengard, Malmo, for twenty years, and still don't know how to read or write Swedish. Ambulance personnel are attacked by stones or weapons, and refuse to help anybody in the area without police escort. The immigrants also spit at them when they come to help. Recently, an Albanian youth was stabbed by an Arab, and was left bleeding to death on the ground while the ambulance waited for the police to arrive. The police themselves hesitate to enter parts of their own city unless they have several patrols, and need to have guards to watch their cars, otherwise they will be vandalized.'"

This is frightening. As Americans it has been our policy to welcome people of other nations who wish to share our democracy. It would seem that large numbers of Muslims
have immigrated to other countries with no intention of being assimilated by the prevalent culture of the nation. We in America need to be on guard against those who wish to remake our culture and heritage by refusing to learn our language, accept our diversity in ethnicity and religious beliefs and impose their culture and religion or lack there of on our nation. The attempts to remove any trace of God from our government, despite belief in God being a major tenet of our founding fathers is one way in which this may well happen.

Friday, September 17, 2004

When Dan Rather was a MAN, not a DNC Puppet : When Dan Rather was on David Letterman, Rather says this hasnt been confirmed- but there are several reports that there was a cell- one of these cells- across the Hudson River. And they got on the- this is the report, I emphasize, I don't know this for a fact, but there are several witnesses who say this happened. They got on the roof of the building to look across, they knew this was gonna happen, they were waiting for it to happen, and when it happened, they celebrated, they jumped for joy to see this happen. It was a great triumph. It's inconceivable to me and to you, but David, this is
what we have to understand as a country. WE're not dealing with the kind of thing we've dealt with in any war we've ever fought before
because we've never dealt with these kind of hateful- to the core- evil people."

Click on title to read more

Signaleer: Coalition partner of the Day--Canada

Coalition partner of the Day--Canada is one of a series of posts highlighting the contributions of the coalition derided by John Kerry.
For those as irritated as I have been with the "dipomacy expert" continuing to make slurs against the coalition, I recommend checking out this blog.

Kofi Annan

How did this man ever get elected to the position in the United Nations? He is a disgrace to freedom loving people. The Food for Oil scandal happened on his watch. Sudan is happening every day with the genocide of thousands of people. Yesterday, he pronounced that the war in Iraq is illegal. The war which was started in early 2003 has evidently just come to his attention or is it that he is mad at Colin Powell for calling Genocide in Sudan exactly what it is.

I was a believer in the value of the United Nations in its early years. How good to have reasonable people, from every country, get together to debate current problems and together make decisions for the international good of all of mankind. How badly has this now failed. International corruption is okay and liberating a nation suffering under a cruel dictator is wrong. Killing an entire ethnic group in the Sudan should not be happening, but we merely tell its' government to try to do better.

Seems that the current agenda of the United Nations is to rule the world. Some of the pressing issues appear to be preventing citizens of any nation from having the right to bear arms. Registration, followed by confiscation of fire arms has already
happened in Britain. Canada is having a difficult time trying to do the same thing.
The UN would surely like this to be accomplished in the United States.

Methods by which every nation could be taxed, according to its wealth, seems to be
a goal for this organization to demand more money from the civilized world to give to developing nations. As a US citizen I support our efforts such as donating funds to combat AIDS in countries overwhelmed by this disease. I support efforts to feed the world's hungry. Charitable donations are the way in which we as Americans care for our fellow man both at home and abroad. I am against any world body legislating to the US where, when we how much we donate.

Schemes to tax internet connections between developed countries is another way in which some in the UN would like to raise money. Since I now am in the habit of communicating with Iraqi and British citizens, and since with rather limited funds, I am already paying for cable connection to the internet as well as the computer hardware necessary to do this, I do not want to pay additional tax.

The United States has provided an expensive piece of real estate for the UN building in NY. I do not have the statistics regarding the cost of the building to the US but I am quite certain the US paid the bulk of the cost. People from around the world come to the UN, live in our country and because of diplomatic immunity often thumb their noses at our laws. Jealousy of the US seems a motivating factor for much that the UN does.

I am not willing to have our nation ruled by any body other than our own elected leaders. I am not willing to seek permission for defending our country. I want the US to be a good neighbor to all who work toward the liberty and justice for every human. I do not want the US to be part of a world body that is led by incompetents
who are impotent when faced with tough questions such as oppressive tyrants and genocide. I do not want to be part of a world body that is unable to prevent corruption within itself.

I think it is nearing the time when we must evict the UN.


I have seen the desolation caused by Ivan in Florida and Alabama on TV and my heart goes out to the people whose lives are so disrupted. This morning, I am waiting for daylight to see what havoc Ivan was able to do in his visit to Southwestern NC. I know we had a couple of tornadoes in my county last night and many sections of the county are without power. I am fortunate that at my home, we still have power and miracle of miracles, the cable for my broadband did not go down. Satellite TV broke up and lost its signal during Hannity and Colmes just as they began to interview an African American man who started bitterly complaining about how Republicans are trying to prevent black voters from knowing the correct date of the election. TV then quit. How anyone,white, black, purple or green would be so lacking in knowledge is beyond me. What fills the airwaves, cable, newspapers and magazines is a constant reminder of elections coming up and how many days until we vote. As an American, I am insulted by such degrading remarks about a large segment of our society. I believe every thinking American should vote his/her conscience. I for one will not vote for a party that thinks we are stupid. If we have a group of people, no matter what their ethnicity is, that need to be told when, where and who to vote for because they are totally lacking any knowlege of this campaign, issues and election date, I fear for this nation.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Kerry Wrote to Me

I believe this to have been written on Microsoft Windows to distribute via Email. The header said it was from John Kerry and it had a signature purported to be John Kerry's. Dan's experts were unavailable to verify this, so read it at your own risk. In no way do I verify or stand behind the comments. I merely removed parts of it for brevity. I did delete the appeals (multiple) for funding.

"Dear Friend,
We are at one of the defining moments of this campaign -- one of those points we will look back on when we win. We will remember that George Bush and Dick Cheney tried to completely ignore reality -- and we will remember that we stood side by side and refused to let them get away with it.

George Bush and Dick Cheney wake up every morning with their fingers crossed, hoping the American people will ignore their miserable record, forget their trail of failures, and fear the future. But with your help, we are going to make sure that the American people see through their bluster and posturing, and see what a mess they have made.

"The biggest risk to America's future is four more years of Bush-Cheney's incompetence, misinformation, and ill intent.

There are seven critical weeks left in this campaign. There will be moments when everything seems to be going our way -- and times when we will wish events were moving in a different direction. But we will never lose faith. We will never stop working for victory. And we will never yield an inch to our opponents.

The rest of this campaign will be tough. But, we will be tougher. They will throw everything they have at us. But we will give as good as we get. And when the dust settles on Election Day, we are going to pull through to victory."

Signature of John Kerry???

We have now been warned. K/E will not yield an inch.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Iraqi Response to BBC Poll

the BBC opened a forum for Arab readers to allow them to voice their feelings about the “hatred wave against America”. This time the forum has a special significance because Arabs are directly related to this topic and the largest part of this “wave” comes from Arab countries.
I’ve found that all Iraqi participants (except for two) carry no hatred for America, not to mention the admiration and gratitude for America that were clear in some Iraqis’ comments.

During the eighteen months that followed 9/11 we were dreaming of the day when the 'zero hour' finally comes and nothing will ever match what we felt when we saw the first missile strike Saddam's palace.
After we started this blog, we had the chance to meet many Americans, both civilians and soldiers and we discovered the noble feelings and the warm wishes they have for Iraq and Iraqis and that made me believe more than ever that we've put our trust in the right place.
Yes, I love America and I'm a friend of all American, and I'm truly proud of that, and so are many, many Iraqis who owe their freedom to the great sacrifices made by American people."

Read the actual Iraqi comments. This blog has been a constant source of information daily since the media seems unaware that we have won hearts and minds. The Iraqis long for freedom and are enduring the hardships caused by the ongoing strife caused by radical elements coming into their country.

Plea to Pajama Pundits

I read a lot of blogs which stimulate my mind and make me want to add my thoughts to the comments sections. As a blogger, I am happy when someone has bothered to read my commentary or when they take the time to read anothers post that I found noteworthy, and let me know by a sentence or two that they too found it of interest or disagree stating the reasons for their disagreement. I allow anonymous postings and thus far have only removed two, one because I did not approve of vulgarity and the other because it was a duplicate post. Maybe I have not attracted the traffic and have been spared a lot of inappropriate commentary. The more blogs I read, the more differing registrations are required to post a comment. I am happy to leave my name, valid Email address and yes, a link to my blog. Maybe I will be forced to change my policy regarding anonymous posting. In the meantime, the various registry options make me opt to just leave the site. I do not revisit these sites.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Moveon Again Misleads

A new Moveon PAC ad implies machine-guns are becoming legal, which isn't true. And it blames Bush, even though Bush said he would have extended the ban on assault weapons.

This latest ad from Moveon PAC is about as misleading as it can be. Through words, graphics and sound effects, it invites viewers to think that the expiration of the ban on 19 semiautomatic assault weapons will allow people legally to buy fully automatic machine guns that can fire "up to 300 rounds per minute." That's false.

It has been illegal to buy a machine gun without federal clearance since 1934, and remains so.

The ad also claims that Bush "will let the assault weapon ban expire," which is misleading. In fact, Bush spoke in support of the ban during his campaign four years ago and his spokesman said as recently as May of last year that he still supported it. It was Congress that failed to consider extending the ban and didn't present Bush with a bill to sign.
(information quoted from fact
Kerry has tried making this a campaign issue and President Bush's fault that the bill was not renewed. Kerry/Edwards are the ones who had the power to reintroduce this bill in the Senate, but obviously chose not to.

More Kerry Propaganda

Kerry is using an exaggerated figure for the cost of the Iraq war in his latest line of attack against Bush, claiming in the latest version of his standard stump speech that the war in Iraq has cost "$200 billion and counting." The Democratic National Committee uses an identical phrase in a TV ad. But that's too high.

There's little question that the Iraq war and its bloody aftermath will cost $200 billion, eventually. But so far, the bill for the war is still under $120 billion, according to the Office of Management and Budget. Kerry runs the figure up to $200 billion by counting money scheduled to be spent next fiscal year, plus additional funds for the future that haven't even been requested yet. He also is counting money projected to be spent for operations in Afghanistan and to protect US cities, not for Iraq.
(quoted from

Monday, September 13, 2004

Zell Miller Answers His Critics

So, they can call me names and ridicule my angry demeanor all day long. But facts are facts. And the fact is, John Kerry has a long record of proposals to weaken our national security in a time of war. And I would never put my family's safety in those hands.
Read More-click title

Challenge to the Media

Reading todays article by Arthur Chrenkoff is a real day brightener. This is the tenth in his series of good things happening in Iraq. I encourage you to read his lengthy article for yourself. He ends his article with the following:

"And so another two weeks pass in Iraq, with the media attention largely diverted away from the positive and the encouraging and towards the sensationalistic and the tendentious. I'll leave the last words to Mohammed A.R. Galadari, writing in the United States Emirates' "Khaleej Times":

"Highlighting violence alone is not the role of the media. We have to see the brighter side too, and report them faithfully. That is how the reader/viewer gets a clear picture. Our effort should not be to create situations in which people are carried away by their emotions. What helps people in the long run is important. That needs to be projected. There comes the question of professional integrity and responsibility. Can the Arab media claim to be conducting itself in a fully responsible way, in relation to the developments in Iraq?"

This brings me to the question of why our news media does not seem to realize that this is what the people want, in fact what we demand from our main stream media. I believe Americans are capable of forming their own opinions if they are given all of the available facts. If I want opinion pieces in magazines, on the radio or on TV, there are plenty of sources that I can find. Even when I differ with the opinions expressed, I may read, listen or watch without being upset so long as it is identified as opinion. When we get faulty information, without scrupulous fact checking, the media fails its consumers.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Iraq The Model

Mohammed's post today states far more eloquently the case for the WOT than I am able to do. This Iraqi, living in the war torn land is able to verbalize the continued need for us to continue to battle those who prefer death to life. I urge you to read this.
Ali has written an additional post regarding his theories about the terrorist in Iraq. As always, the posts of these brothers give us much food for thought.
Mohammed's post is now below Ali's post, so just scroll on down.

John Kerry on Christian Faith

Kerry claims to be a Roman Catholic although he does not accept the teachings of the church and says church officials cannot tell him what to do in his political life.

Kerry however feels free to exploit scripture to prove Bush is "Wrong" and infer that Kerry is therefore the better Christian. Remember, John Kerry promises to tax the rich and provide more entitlements for the poor. In March, 2004 the AP reported Kerry spoke in a St. Louis church. Kerry aimed his criticism at "our present national leadership." Kerry cited Scripture in his appeal for the worshippers, including James 2:14, "What good is it, my brothers, if a man claims to have faith but has no deeds?"

"The Scriptures say, what does it profit, my brother, if someone says he has faith but does not have works?" Kerry said. "When we look at what is happening in America today, where are the works of compassion?"

In 1995, Kerry reportedly had a taxable income of $126,179, and made charitable contributions of $0. In 1994, he gave $2,039 to charity. In 1993, the figure was $175. In 1992, it was $820, and in 1991, it was $0. (Source of information,

I know that I am an imperfect Christian. My deeds do not always reflect my faith.
I do not have moral superiority to any person. I just have to admit that, as an imperfect Christian, it irks me to see John Kerry criticize our President's faith and deeds and use this as a method of pandering for votes.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Kerry's Spin on the Good Samaritan

by Senator John Kerry at the Annual Session of the National Baptist Convention

"Four years ago, George Bush came to office calling himself a 'compassionate conservative.' Well, in the story of the Good Samaritan we are told of two men who pass by or cross to the other side of the street when they come upon a robbed and beaten man. They felt compassion, but there were no deeds. Then the Good Samaritan gave both his heart and his help. (Luke 10)
It is clear: For four years, George W. Bush may have talked about compassion, but he's walked right by. He's seen people in need, but he's crossed over to the other side of the street.
As I have traveled this land, I've thought a lot about why America is heading in the wrong direction. Lost jobs, health care costs through the roof, the surplus gone, our alliances shredded, our influence challenged.
Well, as the president likes to say, there's nothing complicated about it. It all comes down to one letter -- W. So the next time you hear George W. Bush, remember the W stands for wrong. Wrong choices for Americans, and the wrong direction for America. This election all comes down to one decision: Do we want four more years of wrong choices for our country, or do we want to move America in a new direction?
Of all George Bush's wrong choices, the most catastrophic one is the mess he's made in Iraq. It's not that I would have done one thing differently in Iraq, I would have done almost everything differently. It was wrong to rush to war without a plan to win the peace. It was wrong not to build a strong international coalition of our allies.
And because we went it alone, we are bearing the burden and paying almost any price almost alone. Almost all the casualties are the sons and daughters of America. And 90 percent of the costs are being met by Americans.

This parable told by our Lord was evidently too nuanced for John Kerry to understand. The Samaritan did not hold back his funds to use for other Samaritans. Rather he saw a person from a different ethnic group who was badly beaten (think an Iraqi under Saddam). He was the third person to have come upon the beaten man, the first two passed to the other side of the road (think France and Germany or any other country aware of Saddam's use of money meant to feed his people). The Samaratin saw the mans condition and distress and he bandaged him up, took him to an inn and did what he could for him. The Samaritan then gave money to the inn keeper to continue caring for the injured man in the Samaritans abscence. He further promised to reimburse the inn keeper any additional money it took to care for the man until he regained health.
At no time did the Samaritan consider keeping his treasure for himself or other people of Samaria. Samaritans did not have a coalition of allies since they were actually a despised people. Yet this good man thought first of helping someone in dire need despite his country of origin. He did not flaunt his wealth and let someone else foot the bill. The Samaritan had a lot more in common with President Bush who saw a wounded nation and who took the steps, no matter how unpopular, to
bind up this nation. He sent our brightest and best to free the people wounded by Saddam. He offered much of our national treasure to help this nation back to health.

President Bush, the military and the people who support our leader are trying our best to be good Samaritans to a badly wounded people. We are not trying to use our national treasure to promise more entitlement programs to people in our nation in the hope of garnering more votes.

President Bush expresses his faith both in words and deeds. I have never heard him spin scripture into a stump speech to help him win the election. God will judge who has been a good and faithful steward.

In Remembrance September 11, 2001

9/11/2001 was one of the most tragic days in the history of the United States of America. Our nation was attacked and we lost thousands of lives due to the maniacal agenda of radical Islamists.

I was talking with my niece on the phone and she said," A plane just hit one of the World Trade Towers." We bid a hasty goodbye and I turned on my TV set for what was to be a very long viewing period. I saw the second tower hit and thought to myself that whoever was above the area of attack would not be able to get out. I also realized those working on the floors directly involved were probably killed immediately. The reports of hijacked planes, the reports of the Pentagon being hit and the crash in Pennsylvania just kept coming and the media was doing its collective best to show the American people what was happening, what was known. I saw the people on the street in New York moving away from the towers and the rescue personnel going in to the towers and bringing emergency vehicles and firetrucks to the scenes. Then a tower began to collapse on itself. The people running frantically to get out of the path of a whirlwind of debris filling the streets and following after them like a scene from a science fiction horror film. The second tower soon followed the same downward collapse. Workers and emergency personnel were still in the towers. The horrors kept unfolding for all to see. The horror, the fears, the prayers were all jumbled in my mind. Tears were flowing. I did not want to see this happening and yet I could not stop watching and listening. Terrorists, highjacking planes with full loads of fuel as a means to destroy, were being mentioned. The notification of the President and his attempt to remain calm while waiting for secret service plans for getting him safely out of the school and into the air. Views of the the Pentagon, the field in Pennsylvania and then back to New York. Replays of the towers being struck, views of people leaping to their deaths to avoid being burned alive, and people running to get a way from the devastation. The news that planes were being grounded so that no more could be highjacked led us to believe that no more terror acts of this kind would follow, at least on that day.

News coverage continued throughout the day and night and footage was shown over and over. The American people were informed without a chance to edit or spin the news. We heard from President Bush when he returned to Washington.
Exact details of who, how and why were now being asked and speculated about. We all knew the where and when of the day. I had time to determine that my family member who work in DC were okay as were those family members who lived in Westcgester County in New York were okay. We were able to share our shock, our fears and our gratitude that our family did not suffer the loss that was the horrific outcome of that day. We were able to think about the thousands of families whose loved ones were not returning home that day. We began to see relatives with pictures of loved ones asking anyone and everyone if they had seen the person. We saw the picture posters being mounted around the area. People went to hospitals hoping that their loved one was one of the injured rather than one of the dead.

When rescue forces were able to approach what became known as ground zero, we heard the pathetic beeping of locator devices worn by emergency personnel who were somewhere in all the debris. We saw the beginning of heroic efforts to rescue those who may have somehow survived under the rubble. We saw the smoke rising and the attempts to put out a fire that would continue for days on end,

In a couple of days. carefully edited replays remained in the news. I am sure that some of the editing may have been done to spare survivors from reliving the horror that stole loved ones from them. Somehow, I doubt that many of these grieving people were watching TV. Gradually anything that was broadcast on network and cable TV was sanitized to avoid showing the full horror of the day. Soon even those accounts began to fade from the news. We saw some memorial services and news developing about the radical terrorists. We saw Rudy, we saw Pentagon officials and the day our Presidnt came to ground zero.

Soon, it seemed that it was decided that we Americans had seen enough. Perhaps that was true. we were being encouraged to return to our normal lives and not let fear paralyze us. That too was important lest the terrorists win.
People were supporting President Bush telling rescuers at ground zero that the trrorists would "soon hea from us."
America was united for a short time. President Bush folloewed through on his promise and initially tha was okay,
This did not last too long until we began to hear from critics of war. It was as if 9/11 should now be forgotten. Let us beef up internal security, but let us not get carried awy with going after those who did our nation so much harm.

We now may remember the anniversary, have a few short programs dealing with the memory of that awful day. Then, according to some, we should forget it for another year. Surely it should not be "politicized" so that Americans really remember who we were, how we were changed and how we need to keep those memories alive as we move forward in eliminating as much of these radicals as posssible.

Friday, September 10, 2004

North Carolina--A Battleground State

Somehow I got on the Email listing for Kerry/Edwards. I have not elected to unsubscribe since it is interesting to see what they are doing. Today,I received the following amd include the parts that I found of interest.

Dear Supporter,

Your state is one of the battleground states that will decide this election. George Bush and Dick Cheney are spending a lot of time in NC, and the Bush-Cheney campaign is pouring millions of dollars into misleading attack ads.

The cavalry is coming.

To win, we will build the biggest volunteer-driven grassroots effort your state has ever seen.

Mary Beth Cahill
Campaign Manager

Indeed this should be a battleground state since John Edwards has been AWOL most of the past year. I have written him, asking him to resign so that someone could be appointed to represent his constiuents. No response in writing. No response in action. It is my fault for voting for him, but I really resent the fact that my vote counts for nothing once he decided to try for greener pastures. Much is said about making every vote count. Lawyers will be on hand to make certain no Democrat is disenfranchised at the upcoming election. I am one North Carolinian who will not throw away another of my votes on John Edwards. He asked for my vote before and I gave it only to have him desert his supporters. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I will vote for the candidates who keep their commitments.

Bush vs Kerry on Terror Atacks

My July 31,2004 blog was in response to John Kerry's acceptance speech at the DNC convention. One statement made by Kerry really distressed me and I wrote,Kerry assures us that he will be strong on terrorism. “Any attack will be met with a swift and certain response”. Hello, does anybody recall we have been attacked. Do Americans want to wait for another attack before we actively engage the terrorists?

While talking with a group in Des Moines recently, Vice President Cheney said , “It’s absolutely essential that eight weeks from today, on Nov. 2, we make the right choice, because if we make the wrong choice then the danger is that we’ll get hit again and we’ll be hit in a way that will be devastating from the standpoint of the United States.” I understand the point he was trying to make. Based on Kerry's speech and on comments he has made in his stump speeches criticizing President Bush going into the wrong war, wrong time etc., it is apparent that Kerry will take a totally different approach in dealing with terrorists. I for one prefer that we remain on the offensive rather than wait for another attack to which Kerry will then respond.

Now Al Gore says, “The claim by Bush and Cheney that the American people must give them four more years in office or else be ‘hit hard’ by another terrorist attack is a sleazy and despicable effort to blackmail voters with fear,” “They are going back to the ugliest page in the Republican playbook: fear,” he said. “They’re not even really trying to convince you to vote for George Bush. Their only hope, they’ve decided, is to try and make you too afraid to vote for John Kerry. It’s the lowest sort of politics imaginable. It is not worthy of a presidential candidate.”

Is this not what Kerry said? If attacked, he will respond. Does this in fact not tell the terrorists that Kerry will not stay on the offensive? If we are not on the offensive, are we not inviting another attack? Al Gore may rant on and on, but it does not make what Vice President Cheney said any less true. I voiced my concern the end of July. It remains a concern today.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Kerry Called Sluggish

Isn't this just what we want in our leader? Sits, unable to think for 43 minutes between second plane hitting tower and plane hitting pentagon. That was a crisis and he was unable to think. Now,, tells us "Those Democrats said Kerry had been slow to respond to criticisms and the campaign appeared to be sluggish on some decision-making. They predicted the changes will bring greater focus to the Democratic nominee's campaign."

"This is a critical decision because John Sasso has enormous credibility and all of a sudden the center of power moves from the ground to the plane, where decisions can be made quickly," said Tony Coelho, who managed Al Gore's 2000 campaign for a time.

"It tells me we have an independent thinker with Kerry who can get things done," Coelho said.

Too bad Kerry needs someone with him all the time so at least one person is an independent thinker. Is Kerry capable of making the tough decisions? If Kerry becomes sluggish in his own political campaign, even with frequent mini vacations, how would he ever manage the 24/7 responsibilities of POTUS?

It would appear that his job as senator was very taxing (no pun intended) since he could not make many appearances at the Senate Intelligence Meetings. Now he is sluggish after campaigning full time for 8 months.

Establishing Priorities

In order to get anything accomplished in moving toward any goal, it is important to set priorities. Based on the current news in the media, I see the Democrats priority is to, once again, to undermine President Bush by once again bringing up his military record of serive in the Texas Air National Guard. I could accept this as a priority is it were pertinent to the problems currently facing our nation. President Bush entered, served and was honorably discharged. President Bush was elected to the most important office in the free world and has served us well. I think this should overshadow anything in his past military, business and gubernatorial history.
John Kerry made his service in Vietnam the center of his campaign because he evidently thought this demonstrated his finest hours in service to this nation. That was his choice to make. He has been very unhappy and, in fact, outraged that someone dared to say it wasn't quite as dramatic as he has boasted and he has had to revise some of his claims to fame. He has labeled the Swiftboat Vets liars. Now he is trying to compare his military record with that of President Bush to somehow prove he is the better man. I say, bring it on. Let John Kerry sign the form 180 to release all of his military records and then let us compare written record to written record.
Since this is Kerry's obvious priority to prove who was the greater warrior over thirty years ago, let us see the records--all of them. Not fair to demand release of all the President's records and then have Kerry pick and choose just those pages he wants to share with us. If you do not sign the 180, you obviously are hiding the beam in your eye while magnifying the speck in the president's eye

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Slings And Arrows

Slings And Arrows posted some very moving pictures of the school children inside the gym in Beslan. We need to look at terrorism in
order to know and remember that there is no limit to the cruelty these thugs will perpetrate in their distorted views of Islam.

Master of Diplomacy???

While in Des Moines in March, Kerry said during a speech at the downtown Marriott Hotel that Bush has been impatient, which has cost the U.S. support from its allies. "The greatest position of strength is by exercising the best judgement in the pursuit of diplomacy," he said, "not in some trumped-up, so-called coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought and the extorted, but in a genuine coalition."

Now in September, Kerry called the president's talk about a coalition fighting alongside about 125,000 U.S. troops "the phoniest thing I've ever heard."
He pledged to internationalize the forces in Iraq and do a better job of fighting "a more effective, smarter" war on terror that he said would actually make Americans safer.

Although he declined to set a precise timetable for pulling out U.S. troops, Kerry said it would be possible if certain conditions were met, such as bringing allies to the table to help with security and reconstruction.

Now Georgia, a country now independent of the old USSR. is considering sending troops to Iraq. Putin is being forced to declare war on terror since that terrible event in Beslan with the loss of so many lives, over half of them being children.

Should Kerry be elected, who will he diplomatically encourage to join this oh so much better coalition. France and Germany come to mind. Just how many troops will these two "allies" provide? How much of the economic burden will they lift from the Americans?

How many of the "coerced, bribed, the bought and extorted" in Bush's "phoniest coalition" will choose to work with this diplomat? If I were a leader of one of these countries that has stood with the US, giving what I could in troop strength
and treasury, I surely would think twice about supporting a country whose elected leader has disparaged my nation's efforts again and again.

Kerry repeatedly talks of his great ability to get nations to work together. Let us watch and see if he is able to get his campaign staff to work together. Surely some of his faithful who have borne the brunt of his wrath may be questioning if they want to continue to work with him.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Inside View From Iraq: Iraq: The Media is Misleading the World

"The media has skillfully misled the world into thinking Iraqis are against America and people the world over have become discouraged and disheartened by believing their lie. Was this a calculated ploy by the media? Why has the media done this? This is a good question because the truth as we know it from having lived in Iraq over the past year is that the overwhelming majority of Iraqis are very grateful to the United States for liberating them."

Please read more, this must be told

Kerry on "W" , Pat on "F'"

Kerry says the W in President Bush's name means wrong.
In thinking about Kerry's middle initial many words come to mind: fool, faux. falsifier, facetious. flimsy, fractious, forlorn, fomenter,flat, fitful, fixated, flamboyant, feeble, farce,fallacious, fake, facture, fetid, fervid, fey, fickle,fictitious,foible,foggy, follower, foozle, fissile, flaccid, flaky, flatulent, fleeting, flustered, fop, foreboding, fractious, fribble, frenzied, frightening, frothy, fumbler, furtive, fuzzy

Kerry Is Threatening Seniors

John Kerry is threatening seniors by claiming that the Republicans are going to get rid of Social Security.
He further complains about an $11.70 a month increase in Medicare premiums bringing our total premium for
doctor visits and hospitalization to a total of $78.30 per month. There is no place we could buy insurance, with a
deductible of $1000 for three times that amount. In todays market, this is reasonable cost for the amount of
coverage it provides. I am not wealthy, I still pay a mortgage and all of my living expenses and at 69, I consider
my coverage a bargain. Read more of the history of Democrats regarding SOCIAL SECURITY

Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social Security (FICA)
Program. He promised:

1.) That participation in the Program would be completely voluntary,
2.) That the participants would only have to pay 1% of the first
$1,400 of their annual incomes into the Program,
3.) That the money the participants elected to put into the Program
would be deductible from their income for tax purposes each year,
4.) That the money the participants put into the independent "Trust Fund"
rather than into the general operating fund,and therefore would only be use to fund the Social Security Retirement Program, and no other Government program, and,
5.) That the annuity payments to the retirees would never be taxed
as income.

Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are now receiving a
Social Security check every month -- and then finding that we are getting taxed on 85% of
the money we paid to the Federal government to "put away," you may be interested in the
Q: Which Political Party took Social Security from the independent " Trust Fund "
and put it into the General fund so that Congress could spend it?

A: It was Lyndon Johnson and the Democratically-controlled House and Senate.

Q: Which Political Party eliminated the income tax deduction for Social
Security (FICA) withholding?
A: The Democratic Party.

Q: Which Political Party started taxing Social Security annuities?

A: The Democratic Party, with Al Gore casting the "tie-breaking"
deciding vote as President of the Senate, while he was Vice President of the U.S.
Q: Which Political Party decided to start giving annuity payments to
A: That's right! Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party. Immigrants
moved into this country, and at age 65, began to receive SSI Social Security payments! The Democratic Party
gave these payments to them, even though they never paid a dime into it!

Now, after doing all this in violation of the original contract (FICA) the Democrats turn around
and tell you that the Republicans want to take your Social Security away!
And the worst part about it is .. uninformed citizens believe it!

Perhaps we are listening to the wrong person (read Kerry) during this 2004 election year! Also, remember Edwards is the one who as a sole employee in the S corporation he set up was able to shield 90% of his income from Medicare taxes.

"Bush Guard Service, The True Story" by Gordon�Bloyer

"This is the only place that you will get the full and true story of President Bush�s Air National Guard service. There are no UNANSWERED questions. There are no missing records. He did not miss any meetings. The truth is known. You can find everything in this article, in other publications but none of the others are complete. You have to put them all together to get the full story. It is a shame that our national 'objective' media refuse to do their job and put the whole story together."

Our Nation's Future

I would encourage all who have made up their mind and all who are unsure about this coming national electiom to view this (see link below). Admittedly, I am pro Bush since I believe we need a man who puts his trust in our Lord to lead this nation in these threatening times. I feel we need a leader, who after consulting with his advisors, is able to make a decision based on the best information available. I want a man who tries his best to be true to his Lord and follows a route, however unpopular, because he is convinced this is the best route for our nation. I am an independent voter who has never been registered with a political party. I have voted for Democrats as well as Republicans. I do not accept all of the Republican domestic agenda, but sincerely feel that without national security any and all domestic programs will be of little value. I urge all of you to pray that God will continue to grant His grace to our nation and that the terrors the Russian school children faced will not be repeated here at home or in another nation. Above all else, I encourage you to vote your conscience.

Sunday, September 05, 2004


"It isn't politically correct to say this, of course. We're supposed to pretend that Islam is a 'religion of peace.' All right, then: It's time for Muslims to stand up for the once-noble, nearly lost traditions of their faith and condemn what Arab and Chechen terrorists and blasphemers did in the Russian town of Beslan"

Click on title to read more


Our President has made the hard decidions to take the fight to the enemy. We have developed more homeland defense initiatives which hopefully will prevent this massacre from happening here. We need to remain on the offensive and defeat Kerry's appeasement views. We tried that, it did not work for Carter or for Clinton. I hope you have seen the pictures of the many children, the grief on the faces of the parents and soldiers. Imagine this in our country if the radical Islamists have their way. Unite behind our President!

Russian media reported on Saturday that the death toll could be more than 250.

Not all the killed are identified yet, a source in the republican emergency ministry was quoted by ITAR-TASS news agency as saying. “In connection with the mighty explosion in the gym of the seized school, a DNA analysis is required to recognize several killed.”

An armed gang attacked the school in the North Caucasus on Wednesday, the first day of the school year, and took over 1,000 hostage. The seige lasted more than two days.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Home Page-USS Gridley

This article is about John Kerry on the USS Gridley prior to his brief service on the swiftboats. Interesting to read The remembrance of those who served with him compared to Kerry's book, Tour of Duty.

MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Narcissistic personality disorder

MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Narcissistic personality disorder.

I can't help but wonder who this description would bring to mind? Perhaps someone in Politics noted for midnight whining?

Narcissistic personality disorder is a condition characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance and an extreme preoccupation with one's self.
Causes, incidence, and risk factors
The cause of this disorder is unknown. Personality disorders are long-lasting patterns of behavior that cause problems with relationships and work. Narcissistic personality disorder usually begins by early adulthood and is marked by disregard for the feelings of others, grandiosity, obsessive self-interest, and the pursuit of primarily selfish goals.
A person with narcissistic personality disorder:
Reacts to criticism with feelings or rage, shame, or humiliation
Takes advantage of others to achieve own goals
Feelings of self-importance
Exaggerates achievements and talents
Preoccupation with fantasies of success, power, beauty, intelligence, or ideal love
Unreasonable expectations of favorable treatment
Requires constant attention and admiration
Lacks empathy
Signs and tests
Personality disorders are diagnosed based on a psychological evaluation and the history and severity of the symptoms.
Psychotherapy may help the affected person relate to others in a more positive and compassionate manner.
Expectations (prognosis)
The outcome varies with the severity of the disorder.
Relationship and family problems
Alcohol or other drug dependence
Update Date: 1/25/2003

Freedom of the Press

One of our greatest freedoms in this nation is freedom of the press. The freedom to report the news without being censored by the government is needed to protect accuracy in new reporting. Expressions of opinion, without being stifled or punished, is a freedom shared by every American. If opinions are identified as opinions in editorials, letters to the editor, talking head commentary after the presentation of news the citizens are challenged to think and form their own conclusions. When the press fuctions honestly in this format, it serves the people by keeping those who would misuse power in check. Discussions of the impact of the news by people of differing mindsets can help the American people to consider various interpretations and come to their own conclusions. In these ways, Freedom of the Press serves our nation.

Somehow, this freedom has been perverted. The press and media in general have stopped honest reporting of the news through distortion and ommission of pertinent facts. Most Americans realize that the opinions and bias held by news organizations
give as much spin to the news as any politician does. We can no longer rely on the journalist to go out and search for news and then report it as accurately as his/her skill with words allows. Integrity in news reporting is very rare and more of us are relying on the internet to seek out sources of information we find more reliable and where personal bias is clearly stated as personal bias.

When this perversion started is not clear. Before the internet allowed for wider search for facts, we for the most part were the captives of the news as reported on the networks, newspapers and magazines. Those thought to be truth tellers may have been doing this throughout my lifetime. Facts from years ago could easily be slanted because the average person could not go back to archives now available on the internet.

Now the Associated Press has sunk to a new low. Spin is not enough. They actually manufacture news (read lies). President Bush was addressing a group in West Allis, Wisconsin and announced that former President Clinton was in the hospital facing cardiac surgery. President Bush said that former President Clinton was in the thoughts and prayers of the nation who hoped the former president has a speedy recovery. This evidently angered an anti-Bush reporter who then reported to the AP who gladly reported this as truth, that the people at the campaign rally BOOED. The story was further embroidered by stating that President Bush did nothing to quell this reprehensible booing. The truth is that the people cheered, endorsing President Bush's good wishes and prayers for our former president. By reporting this in this manner, the AP indicates that those attending a rally for President Bush are so boorish that they actuallly would wish that out former leader would not recover and that our President is so lacking in character that he would allow such behavior without comment. My understanding is that the people in West Allis complained to the AP for the distortion of facts and the AP eliminated those sentences about booing and lack of presidential response from their report. The AP did not issue an apology or factually correct the inaccurate report which has been streamed throughout the world. Note, Drudge has the recording of the President's statement and the crowds reaction.

Is it any wonder that few of us believe the media? Is it any wonder we complain about the left leaning bias? Is this why the media question the character of the Swiftboat Vets without suing for release of Kerry's journal and full military record?
This is what the media should be doing. Media was able to successfully sue to have confidential divorce and child custody records unsealed. Why do they not sue for the truth in Kerry vs. Swiftboat Vets? People with open minds want to know what the truth actually is. Kerry will be vindicated if he is telling the truth. Until these
records are researched by independent, honest scrutiny doubts of Kerry's character and integrity will remain.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Our President

The convention is over, the Democratic opponent is sniping but I prefer to recall some of the highlights of the RNC. I especially liked Zell Millers comment,"I knocked on the door of this man's soul and found somebody home..." and then Arnold Schwarzenegger's "George Bush is a leader who doesn't flinch, doesn't waiver, does not back down. My fellow Americans, make no mistake about it: terrorism is more insidious than communism, because it yearns to destroy not just the individual, but the entire international order. The President didn't go into Iraq because the polls told him it was popular. As a matter of fact, the polls said just the opposite. But leadership isn't about polls. It's about making decisions you think are right and then standing behind those decisions. That's why America is safer with George W. Bush as President."
It looks like the post-convention bounce will be a pretty good one. I think that the long term negativity of the left will be the thing that defeats Kerry. I do not think the American people are as stupid as MMoore would lead others to believe. The non-stop hate messages from the left 527s, the whining when one small group was anti-Kerry, the threats of lawsuits, the open attempts to deprive the Swiftboat Vets their right to free speech surely cannot be seen as the tactics of a worthy leader.