Monday, February 28, 2005

Count Every Vote Act of 2005

According to Daily Kos, Senators Boxer, Clinton Unveil "Count Every Vote Act of 2005"
This would;

designate Election Day a federal holiday

require early voting in each state

enacts fair and uniform voter registration and identification

proposes "no excuse" absentee balloting

This all sounds good until you see it restores voting rights to felons who have "repaid their debt to society" whatever that means. Will parolees, registered pedophiles etc. be allowed to vote? This definitely needs clarification.

It fails to mention safeguards to require adequate time for military around the world to receive correct ballots and sufficient time for their return especially those military currently involved in conflict.

It allows for voter registration on election day which does not give poll workers a chance to check for dual registration, verification of address etc. while demanding
reduction of waiting time for voters at the polling places. With registration completed in advance, the board of elections could provide adequate and fair distirbution of ballots, machines and workers to make the process as streamlined as possible. Large numbers of people who turn out to register and vote on the same day do not allow for adequate planning.

In my opinion, registration should be closed a few days prior to balloting in order to verify eligibility to vote. Proof of citizenship and primary residence should be required. Since registration can usually be done shortly after a move to a new
residence, it would not be too difficult to do. Citizens who are truly eligible and interested in voting should not find it too difficult to register in advance. A change in hours of the local elction office with evening hours and Saturday office hours once a month would allow everyone an opportunity to register despite their work schedule. Previous addresses should be required for those who have moved since the last election so that states could ascertain that previous registration was cancelled. Funeral Directors should be mandated to report deaths to wherever the deceased was registered to vote.

Absentee ballots should not be available to persons currently incarcerated. Voters should be registered and vote in the voting district of the state where they reside the greater part of the year, even if that requires absentee balloting.

If this bill is to assure fair and uniform voting including all (and only) eligible voters, it would be a wise move. If this bill is merely designed to increase the
possibility of multiple registrations, non citizen voting and making the practice of voter fraud even easier, it definitely needs to be voted down.


  1. State's rights, dammit! The federal government has no right at all to tell the states how to run their own elections -- NONE!

  2. I agree changes need to be made. If something isn't done, we face another mess like we had in 2000. That was a nightmare. I believe ther should be some uniformity, but I don't like the idea of the federal government controlling everything either. I have noticed that there seems to be a big diference in how democrats and republicans view this whole voting thing. Democrats want every vote counted, and republicans want every legitimate vote counted. That one word changes everything, doesn't it?