Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Port Security?

I admit to being alarmed at the news of our port security being turned over to tha AE company. Now, as information comes out, it appears to be just another political storm that allows those who want to be in the forefront of news to bask in publicity rather than present the truth. This is not the first time a port is to be managed by foreign based companies. Security is not changing. The U.S. will remain in control of security.We will still establish rules and policies pertaining to security and our Coast Guard and Customs Service will provide it. American longshoremen will continue to perform their jobs as in the past when the firm from Britain managed the ports.

Who in America knows better the level of cooperation our government ( homeland security,intelligence and military services) has received from the leaders in the Arab Emirates? Why did the all knowing politicians wait to bring this months old negotiation of sale to the American public? If the investigation by the various government departments followed the congressional rules pertaining to foreign business, why are congressional leaders in an uproar?

I know the AE had citizens involved in anti-American activites including some involved in the 9/11 attacks. Does this mean we must tar the entire country with the same brush? Should we now alienate the people who have been cooperating with our government? This makes as much sense as alienating an entire city or state in the USA because it has been determined that some inhabitants and citizens have plotted against our national interest.

Todays WSJ Opinion Journal has a good article.

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  1. REgardless of who had control before, it is not a good feeling, and foreign control of our shipping doesn't seem like a good idea to me. What is odd is that again the congresspeople who are consulted on these things and approve act as if it is all news to them, just like the surveillance issue and the WMD issue. Do these folks sleep through meetings?