Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Just a quick update...

Danny received a successful heart transplant from a 30 yr. old male donor in Michigan whose heart was very strong and healthy. It was a very long, tedious surgery (8 hrs.) because Danny had had so many prior surgeries which caused adhesions, and other complications, including his damaged blood cells. His surgeon said it was one of the most difficult and complicated transplants he's ever done. Yet, the new heart "took" to Danny immediately and Danny's new re-birthday is August 8, 2006 at about 10:00 a.m.. However, because of his many complications, he is in grave danger for the next 48 hours of bleeding. Please, please, continue your prayers that he make a full, successful recovery to a healthy new life.

Also, please pray for the donor and his family. May it give them comfort to know a part of their loved one goes on living and lovingly cared for. It's poignant that the heart is symbolic of love and generosity, and the donor and his family gave the greatest gift of love anyone can give another; and a total stranger at that!

The 48 hours has now passed. Danny is breathing on his own and has a very strong pulse. Praise be to God.

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