Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prayer Request from VT Student

(I received this as an Email and thought I would post it to get wider distribution than my personal Email list.)
>> Dear Body of Christ,
>> I am a student at Virginia Tech, and also am
>> very involved with Campus Crusade for Christ here,
>> and I know that many people have asked us for prayer
>> requests. I thought I would type up a list to send
>> to you because we desperately need prayer, but I
>> know sometimes it is hard to know what to pray for
>> in the midst of such horrible tragedy. Please know
>> that we are so thankful and appreciative of all the
>> prayers and concerns of people from around the
>> world. It blesses us so much. Please continue to
>> pray though our world will move on.these next weeks
>> will be so difficult for all of us. Through all this
>> pain, I am thankful for God's promises, and I will
>> find my rest in the fact that God is faithful, and
>> constant, and a loving God. I will trust in God's
>> promises that he brings prosperity and creates
>> disaster (Isaiah 45:7), but that in all these
>> things, He works for the good of His people (Romans
>> 8:28), and that His plans will always prevail
>> (Proverbs 19:21). It says in Jeremiah 31:4-5, "I
>> will build you up again, and you will be
>> rebuilt.again you will take up your tambourines and
>> go out to dance with the joyful." I truly believe
>> that is what God will do, and is already doing, for
>> this campus. Here are some very specific prayer
>> requests:
>> - That people would not question their
>> faith in God and His character, but be strengthened
>> and spurred towards a (deeper) relationship with Him
>> - That God would provide us emotional
>> and physical rest and comfort
>> - That God would have His healing touch
>> on the families, friends, and all affected by this
>> tragedy
>> - That the media would be respectful of
>> the period of mourning and sadness and pain that we
>> must go through
>> - That classes would work themselves
>> out, and that students would not collapse under the
>> pressure of having to mentally take on too much too
>> soon
>> - That the unity among Christian
>> movements on campus would continue to grow and
>> flourish
>> - That living situations would be
>> worked out for those living on the fourth floor of
>> West Ambler Johnston, who now feel too much pain to
>> live there
>> - That numbness would subside, and that
>> the grieving process would begin or continue
>> - That we would be sensitive and love
>> each other as Christ loved us when we are at
>> different stages in the healing process
>> - For the administration of our campus,
>> that they would have time to grieve and to process
>> in the midst of all their demands
>> - For the police officers, who have
>> been on duty for days; most are having to travel a
>> long way to get home at night
>> - For the EMTs who responded on Monday;
>> the majority were students, who now have to deal
>> with these images, memories, and losses
>> - For the family of Cho, that they
>> would feel the love of Christ as they search for
>> answers and live through guilt or shame
>> - That the Holy Spirit would intervene
>> and shield us from horrifying images from the media
>> or from memories
>> - For traveling students as they make
>> their way home, and back to school for class on
>> Monday
>> Thank you for going to our wonderful and
>> almighty God with these requests. We are thankful
>> for you and your devotion to the Lord.
>> Sincerely,
>> Jessamyn Pauley

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