Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sarah Palin, One Year Later

One year ago today, John McCain introduced Sarah Palin to America. For those who knew nothing about her, it was an enormous surprise. To those of us who knew a little of her history and success as the Governor of Alaska,it fulfilled a heart felt hope that somehow McCain might recognize her impressive record and the principles she exhibits.

Governor Palin brought excitement and hope to a lack luster campaign and candidate. Suddenly we had hope that McCain truly had more insight into the needs of our nation than he himself was expressing. It almost worked and may have succeeded if people had really listened to Sarah Palin instead of the media who felt a need to eviscerate her.

Many changes have taken place in the past year and we need leadership that embodies the principles and wisdom of our founding fathers, I do not know what role Sarah Palin will play in the future of our republic but hope she will continue to be active on the behalf of our country.

May God continue to bless this great nation with leaders who love it and our freedoms.

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