Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, President Bush is on the minds of Americans as he struggles with decisions that will have enormous consequences for our nation and other nations. He needs the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job as he considers all of the input of many people who love our nation and many who don't. You have been the strength and guide of former presidents facing critical times whether they openly sought your help or if the Holy Spirit interpreted their mental anguish to you. You have guided our nation since it's inception and I pray for continuing blessings and grace despite our failings. Help us as individuals to recognize that President Bush is a human with failings and virtues who was elected to serve and protect our nation. Remind us that not one of his supporters or critics has the perfect answer since we lack perfect wisdom. We rely on your perfect wisdom. Grant continuing patience and fortitude to us all. Help us recognize the results of divisive speech and loyalty to party or ideology above the wellbeing of our nation. Protect our troops as they serve in many positions in many locales. Grant strength to those Iraqis who are working for the good of their nation that the millions may soon enjoy peace and security of self rule without the horrors they experienced under a dictator and what continues with the current sectarian strife. You are the font of wisdom, the grantor of blessings and I pray you will continue to bless America and those in positions of service. I thank you for the many blessings we receive daily and especially that you have provided persons willing to serve the better good for humanity. Amen

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