Friday, December 29, 2006

Who Is John Cox?

If you are not enthusiastic about the proposed 'conservative' candidates in the presidential primaries, I encourage you to look at John Cox. I have read his book, titled "Politic$, Inc." and he offers views that I find interesting. Perhaps the most important view I adhere to is the need for STATESMEN as opposed to politicians who make a career out of promising what is needed to be elected and then concentrating efforts on how to be re-elected instead of seeking answers to the nation's concerns. John Cox recommends seeking candidates that are successful in their working life but are willing to give a limited number of years to serving the nation and then rteturning to their previous working life. Cox has formed a national staff and committee chairman in over 25 states and volunteers in over 100 counties in three early primary/caucus states.I am hoping he begins to recieve some national attention and is able to participate in debates over issues before the primary/caucus voting.

I am tired of the entrenched politicians who have the "party machines" and money able to ensure their canadidacy. The people seem to have little choice offered and we end up voting for the lesser of evils. The past election revealed the nations discontent with Congress and opted to give new persons a chance. Unfortunately, these newly elected persons will probably fall into the trap of voting with their party so that they will have party backing for re-election. The concerns of the nation and adherence to the founding principles of our nation will be secondary.
Sen. Lieberman is a prime example of how a party treats someone who is not toeing the party line.

We need some new blood with fresh ideas at all levels of government. I am tired of politicians who view themselves as superior in intellect and personal worth to ordinary citizens. I am tired of politicians maligning the people who volunteer to serve in our military as being inferior and unable to make it in civilian life. I think we have a number of politicians who would be unable to be successful in private life.

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