Thursday, January 18, 2007

Support Non-Embryonic Stem Cell Research

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, January 17, 2007 ( - "Together with researchers from Stanford University, stem cell researchers at the University of Minnesota’s Stem Cell Institute have succeeded in replacing the immune system and bone marrow cells in mice using adult stem cells, reports The researchers in this particular study used multipotent adult progenitor cells (MAPCs) which can be extracted from bone marrow tissue and differentiated into specific cellular groups that have the unique capability to develop into other cell types including neural, muscle and bone tissue."

"The MAPCs did not reproduce into foreign tissue or produce tumors in any of the study subjects as embryonic stem cells have been known to do in other studies."

These tests have thus far not been used in human trials, but imagine the number of patients with leukemias that this has potential to treat.

Do any of our people in Congress read anything about the current research and results of stem cell research. If they do, how can they continue to push to spend taxpayers' money to fund the one line of research (embryonic) that has yet to have one positive result?

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