Friday, January 26, 2007

Who Is Bonkers?

Today's WSJ Opinion Journal carries an article by an unidentified writer titled, Bonkers at the Border.LINK

The writer complains that some political leaders and Lou Dobbbs are guilty of "pseudo-reporting designed to rile up" Americans "rather than inform them of the facts."
I think most of us know that Ramos and Compean did indeed violate rules of the Border Guard for which they should be punished and possibly lose their jobs. These two may not represent the best of the Border Guard. The writer notes they had been disciplined by the Guard in the past for violation of rules.

The pseudo reporting of the articles writer, while purporting to tell the facts totally overlooks what has outraged the American citizens, namely granting the drug smuggler IMMUNITY for the crime of bringing illegal drugs into the USA at the time of this incident and a second drug carrying foray into the USA. Our government provided, at taxpayers expense, the best medical care for the criminal smuggler who now plans to sue for more taxpayers dollars.

As an American citizen, I am outraged at the seeming preference given to illegal aliens. Why was the testimony of a known alien drug dealer given such credence?

Illegal aliens repeatedly are granted immunity for breaking our laws by granting "sanctuary" and by the senate plan to give them a path to citizenship. Why does our government seek to severely penalize American citizens as criminals while giving IMMUNITY to an illegal smuggler? Why does our government want to give illegals a choice of which years they might be willing to pay taxes on? Why does our government want to include illegal aliens in Social Security that citizens work a minimum of 40 quarters to qualify for? Why does our government want to grant citizenship or a pathway to citizenship to persons who enter our nation illegally?

When will our government begin to strictly enforce laws against illegal entry and prosecute the illegals and the persons or businesses employing them with the vigor used in prosecuting Ramos and Compean? When will our government sentence illegal aliens as severely as they do our citizens? A few scattered raids is not enough.

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