Thursday, September 03, 2009

Is My Blog Terminally Ill?

Somehow I really messed up my blog site!

I had just installed the code for Bloggers for Palin and was pleased to see the button on my blog along with the blog roll. It was good to be linked to many who share my positive feelings about Sarah Palin and the strengths she offers our nation.

I then decided to clean up my favorite links and other listings in my sidebar. I really was doing very well and then I did whatever that lost most of my sidebar.   I was annoyed at myself as I am using a new Mac computer and just learning my way around after years of using XP on Windows. All I could do is  rebuild my blog and would start out reinstalling My Bloggers for Palin blog roll. Alas, I went to my dashboard and found tabs for Posting, Settings, Layout and Monetize. The Template tab has disappeared and I have no idea how to reclaim it. My backup for the template was lost on my old computer.

If any of you have the technical knowledge to advise me, I would appreciate it. If not, please accept my apologies for lacking the blog roll. If I am unable to resuscitate Pawigoview, I may have to develop an entirely new blog. I will keep you posted.

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