Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Wisdom of Sarah Palin

Today's American Thinker has a great article comparing the wisdom of Sarah Palin, the graduate of a state university to that of Dr. Ezekial Emmanuel, a Harvard graduate. Of course Sarah Palin shows more wisdom, understanding and compassion for people than the Harvard educated ethicist. The truth that multiple degrees do not necessarily mean a person has wisdom are pointed out by Stuart Schwartz,Ph.D. They reiterate theories and make plans/decisions believing in their superiority of intellect, confirmed by the advanced degrees from some lauded educational system. They are shocked that education and critical thinking are not limited to those with academic degrees. Persons learn great lessons from everyday life and it's struggles, failures and successes. Those with less formal education often have a set of principles and skills that allow them to succeed because they continue to learn and are able to incorporate life's lessons.

In my experience, teaching in a college nursing program, the student with the highest academic achievement is often not the student who is able to apply that knowledge appropriately. Ability to write great papers and score at the top on tests does not necessarily transfer to ability to be an effective practitioner.

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