Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Game Goes On

In an attempt to safeguard his political career, Dick Durbin finally offered an apology to those who misunderstood him. As he dropped the ball in the fight against President Bush and his administration, Nancy Pelosi was right there to capture the ball and keep on dribbling. To my knowledge, neither has visited Gitmo and they have evidently discounted any positive thing that has occurred because of interrogation. The Democrats seem to seek the negative while being blind to the comments of others who actually served at Gitmo. Have they ever read the policies under which our soldiers function at Gitmo?

Dick Durbin has not retracted his statement by saying it was wrong or in error--he simply selected poor analogies and the American public is to stupid to understand. Finally, he is brought almost to tears as he is forced to utter a statement that resembles an apology. If he can cry because he has been humbled by the outcry of citizens and our military can he not have some empathy with those serving our nation at Gitmo if on rare occasion they respond to having feces, urine and spit targeted at them. The military have indeed provided those who would kill us very humane treatment.

1 comment:

  1. He did not apologize, again. He reminds me of another polititian I know!

    Our men and women are bravely serving, and they deserve better. Have a great day.