Saturday, June 18, 2005

News From Iraq's Front Line

I have in previous posts recommended Michael Yon's blog about current events in Iraq. He has posted once again and I have excerpted what reads like his mission statement.

"I came to Iraq to walk the line. Modesty demands that I qualify this by saying I am not placing myself on a level of greatness of any of these men. I just happen to follow that same principle. Here in Iraq, where so many things are so very different from the way they are reported in the mainstream media, I am actively guided by the advice of these men every step of the way.I did not come to Iraq with the intention of having someone tell me what the people on the "front lines" were thinking and feeling. I came to see with my own eyes. "LINK

On Michael's most interesting blog, there is an area where you can sign up to be notified when he posts. He frequently includes photos along with the information about what our military are doing as well as Iraqis he meets. Try reading it once and I am quite certain you will return as often as he posts.

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