Saturday, June 18, 2005

The UN

Much has been written about the failings of the UN with oil for food, rape by UN peacekeepers etc. Congress is now considering holding part of the US contribution to the supportg of this organization unless some important changes are made. I am uncertain as to whether this would increase our position within this organization or weaken it. Arguments from both sides have some rationality. What I am certain of is that the UN is in great need of overhaul and one of the greatest needs is to reign in it's interference with sovereign countries right to protect it's unborn. World security should be it's concern and the protection of life in all nations so that it can intervene in cases of genocide, civil wars, nuclear capabilities by non democratic nations etc. It should stop interfering with the laws extablished by a nation's constitution or passed by the elected members of a sovereign nations legislative body.

"STRASBOURG, June 17, 2005 ( " A Polish woman who claims her health was in jeopardy because of a pregnancy has taken her case to the European Union's court of human rights.

The UN Human Rights Committee, at the conclusion of a review of Poland's compliance with the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights in October, demanded that the mostly-Catholic nation “liberalize” its abortion laws and thereby allow the killing of pre-born children.

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ourt of human rights."

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