Friday, November 18, 2005

I know some who would agree with Murtha, but who?

Mohammed of Iraq The Model states "It is really strange when a US representative says something like this few weeks after the elected Iraqi government demanded from the UN to extend the mission of coalition forces for another year; apparently my government (and I) do not think that US military presence is harmful for us and the Arab League also thinks that an immediate withdrawal would be disastrous for Iraq and the region.
And correct me if I’m wrong but I think I heard a few days ago that the US senate rejected a law that demanded setting a timetable for troops withdrawal (58 vs. 40, right?) let alone an immediate one.
However, I agree with Mr. Murtha that some people in Iraq would benefit from an immediate withdrawal but that would be al-Qaeda and there are also countries in the region that would benefit from that too but these would be Syria and Iran!


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  1. Hi, Pat! It looks like Murtha is operating under the same kind of political blackmail that both parties use, sometimes overtly, and sometimes covertly, to do the bidding of the party bosses. The fact that I have never heard of this Dem congressman before, or his supposed "hawkish" tendencies, was my first tip off. The fact that he is a war veteran, perhaps wounded in combat (I am not sure about that) became the second aspect of this that made me suspicious. Politics is a rough business, especially regarding rhetoric of this type. Notice that Murtha's resolution was altered, and resubmitted by our side for political reasons. Good political reasons, by the way.

    To quote Pres. Bush: "This is hard work!" --I don't think he likes using hard political power himself, preferring to leave it to Rove and the house leadership. formerly Tom DeLay.

    -Sorry for such a long comment! I hope it's food for thought!