Saturday, November 05, 2005


While listening to the news, two senators were interviewed regarding the secret prisons for terrorists. One point made which didn't seem to get any traction was that the NY Times and a Washington paper had printed classified information. Leaking only counts if it can embarrass the current executive branch. The point upon which they agreed was that we need to follow the Geneva Convention and condemn torture because we are held to a HIGHER STANDARD. Both of these politicos loved holding America to a HIGHER STANDARD. We dare not torture terrorists to get information to save American lives because we are held to a HIGHER STANDARD. Although we are at war with those who killed thousands on our soil and enjoy televising beheadings, we must be held to a HIGHER STANDARD. Even though CLASSIFIED information was leaked and gleefully printed in the hopes that it would embarrass the current administration. The media is bound by a LOWER STANDARD. Whoever leaked this CLASSIFIED information obviously is bound by a LOWER STANDARD. The HIGHER STANDARD only applies to protect terrorists. It does not apply to having sexual questionnaires in elementary school. It does not apply to teaching morals to children. It does not apply to parental rights. It does not apply to the protection of the unborn. It does not apply to the personal property if some government agency covets it. It does not apply to the manner in which we regard our troops or their mission. It does not apply to pulling together as a nation if political advantage can be gained by promoting the ongoing myth that President Bush lied to the American people. Obviously the LOWER STANDARD is what the Democrat leadership follows in their quest to weaken the administration in a time of war. I am an Independent Voter and have always supported the person elected as President even though I may not have voted for him. I am old and actually remember a time when this nation pulled together when we faced a threat or war. I have come to the conclusion that the only HIGHER STANDARD is whatever the person speaking is willing to hold others to. There is no HIIGHER STANDARD to bind or protect Americans. The HIGHER STANDARD is only so much verbiage to be called upon when someone wishes to impugn other persons' motives.

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