Monday, November 28, 2005


I listened to President Bush speak this afternoon and was pleased. A number of aspects of controlling our borders have been implemented and more improvements sought via Congress. Intercepting illegal aliens and deporting them well within their country is better than simply escorting them over the border. NO AMNESTY for those who have broken our laws by illegally entering our country is needed. We cannot reward those who break our laws. A guest worker program sounds reasonable if there is a mechanism for keeping track of the guests while in our country and ensuring that they leave when the guest status expires. Pehaps one of the best things was that thoses who wish to immigrate need to learn our culture and the English language. Hallelujah! My ancestors learned to speak English as did most of those who came to the US prior to the last fifty years. I for one am tired of seeing TV ads telling me I must become bilingual and buy their Spanish lessons. Let those who choose to leave their homeland and adopt mine learn to speak the language of this nation. Let the immigrant learn English as a condition of citizenship. One thing President Bush did not mention was changing our laws which grant citizenship to anyone born here. I believe to be born into citizenship a baby must have at least one parent who is a citizen of the USA.
Changing this law would prevent pregnant women, near term, from illegally entering the US to gain citizenship for her baby with hopes that citizenship will eventually give the illegal entry status of the mother legal entry as the parent of an American citizen.

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