Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I Clean Toilets Too!

Dustin Hawkins states several points about illegal immigration

The Myth

"that American citizens are lazy. Well, too lazy to do “real” work, anyway. For starters, any job an “illegal” does I do on a regular basis. I do my own yard work, clean my own pool, wash my own clothes, walk my own dog, build my own deck, and clean my own dishes."

The Facts

"Americans will do any job (yes, any job) if they are paid proper, competitive wages.

Without the illegal immigrants, the laws of economics would kick in and require that businesses pay the proper wages for the job that the business wishes to get done."

The Question

"If Mexicans are the hardest-working people on Earth – and according to the pro-amnesty politicians, Mexicans are much harder working than Americans – then why can’t they work to make their country better."

An Amigo a Minute:

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