Tuesday, April 11, 2006

No Border, No Nation

No Border, No Nation by James Atticus Bowden - The New Media Journal.us: "There's a reason why we Americans don't speak Pictish. There's a reason why the present government of the United States of America serves an American Nation built from an American Civilization that is based on American Culture, instead of the Picts. There's a reason why most Americans speak English, at least for now. The Picts couldn't keep their borders. The Picts were destroyed. No one mourns. No one cares."

"What to do about illegal aliens already here is irrelevant if the borders stay open. There will be millions and millions more regardless of what is done – or not. It just doesn’t matter if the border isn’t controlled.
How much longer will The People wait on the government that they elect to act? If we wait too long, we go the way of the Picts. If we act resolutely, we can survive another seven centuries or so. If and when the government defends every border and controls immigration, the tough issues can be answered."

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