Thursday, February 01, 2007

Speaker Pelosi

Speaker Pelosi will only accept comments from her constituents and sends an address for non-constiuents to use. That address does not work. I guess that just proves she does not want to hear from anyone who is not a potential voter for her. How can she ever know what the majority of citizens think? The move in the house to limit any grassroots efforts to contact our representatives and senators is reflected in this run-around. So, I will post my Email on the internet via my blog.

Dear Madame Speaker,

As an Independent voter I welcomed your promises to clean up corruption and ethical violations. I expected you to be the model of ethical behavior. Instead I learn of your attempts to subvert taxpayers' funds which support the DOD to become the private shuttle service for you, your staff and family. Your position as Speaker undoubtedly requires some additional protection of your wellbeing in case of catastrophe that renders the President and the Vice President unable to perform the duties of their offices. If you are in Washington, DC at the time of such catastrophe I expect the Secret Service would immediately begin intensive protection. If you are in California at the time of a catastrophe, a plane could be dispatched to promptly return you to Washington, DC.

Your position as Speaker is not based on a national vote and if you are unable to carry out the duties of Speaker, another Representative can be selected by the House. Asking for military flights to be at your disposal is the height of arrogance and a misuse of taxpayers' funds. If you need private transportation, invest your own money in a small jet.

Your view of being the most powerful woman in America is true in the sense that the rare possibility of ascension to president is possible. You remain a public servant even as Speaker. Voters are watching you and I must admit I am disappointed in your self aggrandizing behavior and lack of sincerity in running the most ethical congress in history.

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