Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bold New Would Be Presidents?

In today's opinion journal, James Taranto writes, "Perhaps voters next year, chastened by Mr. Bush's dangerous boldness, will opt for someone more risk-averse. But if a crisis arises and the president proves unable to lead, they may find themselves longing for Mr. Bush's steadfastness. An excess of caution is itself a form of recklessness."

As Hillary and Edwards move further to the left, they fail to articulate any definitive actions they would take. in regard to Iran. I for one prefer someone who will make a decision and explain his rationale rather than "a--it's a--it's a" or "I think--I think the--we don't know" answers of Edwards. Hillary on the other hand says such garbled non answers such as "What do I mean by engagement or some kind of process? I'm not sure anything positive would come out of it . . . but there are a number of factors that argue for doing what I'm suggesting."

They are eager to point out that all of President Bush's policies in the war did not succeed and they feel their judgements are superior. I for one, do not.

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