Saturday, February 10, 2007

Why Are Citizens Unable to Communicate With Representatives?

Perhaps the House of Representatives will be unable to pass their hoped for legislation penalizing grassroots organizations who encourage citizens to contact their senators and representatives, They do however block comments from citizens who do not live in their district. It appears that only potential voters are worthy of expressing their opinion.

Some websites indicate a preference for electronic mail as a security measure to avoid potential anthrax or ricin in regular mail. I have written to a number of Senators to express my opinion or to thank them for a particular stand. This seems acceptable even though I do not reside in the state they represent and several have responded thanking me for contacting them.

I attempted to write Speaker Pelosi. Her website will not accept out of district comments and directed me to use an email address from which my mail was returned as site unavailable. My attempt to write a NC representative from an eastern district, to thank him for comments he had made, was blocked as out of district.

Yesterday I attempted to write Rep. Ehlers of Michigan since he is listed as co-chair of the House Committee on Administration. This committee is charged with the oversight of the Smithsonian. I had read an article claiming that the Smithsonian, funded by taxpayers, has an exclusive contract with Showtime which disallows any other network from filming the public property held in this publicly supported institution. Again I was denied the right to ask a question and express my views.

Rep. Heath Shuler, my representative, does not respond to any communication via regular mail or electronic mail. Perhaps since I am registered as an Independent voter, my opinions do not count. I had the same experience with Senator Edwards. Is this a policy of Democrats? I did not agree with Charles Taylor on all issues but I always recieved an acknowlegement that my communication had been received. I also received periodic emails regarding recent and upcoming legislation and his vote or view on the issue. Senators Burr and Dole always acknowlege my communication.

As I watch CSPAN, see news clips on TV news or read article quoting legislators, they speak of "the majority of citizens " feeling a certain way about an issue. How do they know this when they ignore or actually block opinions of the majority.

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