Monday, August 29, 2005

An Iraqi Message To Our Troops

This message to your brave Soldiers who are fighting in Iraq,is from the heart of an Iraqi who can write in (bad) English sometimes.


You have come to Iraq voluntarily to represent the best and finest human face currently on this earth and the moral clarity and courage, from your Countries, to advance the march of Freedom, Human Rights , The Rule of Law, and Democracy in Iraq.

We ( the silent majority of Iraqis who are often unable to speak with you to express our true feelings and respect in your language) wish to thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and thank your God ( whatever you conceive him to be) for guiding you to willingly accept your presence on our land and its oppressed (for centuries), destroyed and impoverish majority of its people.

Your courage, devotion to your duties, your respect to the traditions and customs of your hosts, your bravery and valour and above all your sacrifices away from your loved ones, should be something to be proud of by yourselves, your families, friends and realtives back home, wherever you have come from.

You have come to us to free us from our own Tyrants, Despots Individuals and Groups who tortured, killed, maimed, imprisoned, and disbursed us and did untold horrible things to us sometimes for no reason other than our thoughts and dreams.

We are proud to have you with us mending our Schools and Hospitals, the Courts, the Police Stations, guarding our borders and skies, and the Fire Stations and the orphanages, the Roads, Waterways, the Electricity plants, the telphone exchanges, the oil installations, the bridges, the railways, and much more and helping us rebuilding our personalities to think positively in hope and in anticipation of the good for our beloved Country,Iraq.

We thank you deeply for your being with us supporting and helping us and helping our future peace loving children and grand children to live FREE like the rest of the civilised world, with intgerity honour,and grace.

Soldiers in Iraq. Your countries should be proud of you.

May God protect you and bring you back safely home as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Hameed Abid

Hameed wrote this comment on Iraq The Model 8/28/05

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