Friday, August 12, 2005

An Iraqi Writes To Cindy Sheehan

Mohammed of Iraq the Model writes the most compassionate yet realistic reasoning for the Iraq war and the great gift her son and his comrades have given Iraq. Please click on title to link to today's post.


  1. Hi Pat ~ Great minds think alike

    A rand new Gold Star Mom has just put up a page about her son who just died in Iraq (His 2nd, Tour) My son also just left for his 2nd tour.
    She is holding up and is still supporting our troops (Praise God)

    Please go give her a hug:!1p_rNyqwOdWU0IYPt8xVCBEQ!107.entry

    Good job here!

  2. Vicky

    Sorry about broken link/tag

  3. Dear Pat, Thanks so much for the steer to the Iraqi post - it's head and shoulders above most of what's been said and written on all sides on this. I've linked there and given you a hat tip.