Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Sunnis Will Vote!

Mohammed writes, "The Fallujah scholars council represented by its head Hamza Al-Eisawi the preacher in Al-Wahda mosque released an announcement that urged Fallujans to take their role in the referendum. The cleric explained that this is one of their duties as clerics to give advice to the people and he added that the fatwa will be read in all of the city's mosques.
It's worth mentioning that four voters registration offices have been designated in the city and the people have decided to take the responsibility of protecting these offices without interference from the multinational forces. At the same time, Fallujah is witnessing daily lectures and conferences where thinkers and leaders from the Islamic party are educating the people about the importance of participation in the referendum.

Abdul Hameed Jadoo the preacher at Al-Furqan mosque called the people to have their names registered in the offices saying that 'the constitution is going to prove our identity as Iraqis'"

Back to the main topic of this post;last week Zarqawi threatened to bomb, kill and behead all those who dare to show up for the referendum.
Do I need to remind Zarqawi of his previous threats and how Iraqi's responded to these threats?
In an earlier message of hatred he claimed to be defending the Sunni from the Sheat and now he's declaring all Iraqis are his enemies.

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  1. That is wonderful news, especially the last part. I used to really fear the outcome of this escalating War on Terror because we don't at the highest levels know the correct objectives we should be shooting for and how to obtain them. But the Terrorists have proven themselves far more incompetent in the basics of Guerilla Warfare. They don't seem to understand that it isn't faith in Allah that makes them strong, rather they will live and die by the support of the populations they operate in. That is everything, recruitment, supplies, information, cover, concealment, everything. And that supreme fool Zarqawi is going to take his principled stand by declaring war on all Iraqis, nice propaganda idiot.