Thursday, August 18, 2005


I will not second guess the leaders of Israel as to the wisdom of the withdrawal from Gaza. It is my hope that it will be a positive step toward the establishment of peace in the area. I have many doubts in view of Palestinian terrorist groups pronouncements and the United Nations funding of Palestinian terror propaganda.
The only thing I am certain of is the tragedy for the 8000 people who are being forced from their homes. Watching the scenes on TV of these families leaving homes they have lived in for thirty plus years, the homes where their babies first joined the family and where loved ones died from age, illness or even terror attacks. These are material possessions which can be replaced but the memories of home, the breakup of community and seperation from the synagogue that has been a main part of their lives is heartbreaking. A positive is the relative freedom from violence during this eviction. Americans are upset about the Supreme Court Kelo decision and rightly so since it denies the Constitutional protection we once had. Multiply this by the number of persons forced from their homes by their own government and it is truly tragic.

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