Thursday, December 01, 2005

Redesigned Flight 93 memorial still an Islamo-fascist shrine

Alec Rawls writes a very comprhensive critique of the Flight 83 Memorial as redesigned. Read this well thought out post and then consider writing to the National Park Service to demand a memorial worthy of the passengers who fought back.LINK
My own response:

National Park Service
109 West Main Street, Suite 104
Somerset, PA 15501-2035

Dear Sir:

Please, please reconsider the design of the flight 93 memorial.

This new design is not an improvement and continues to honor the terrorists and
demean the sacrifices made by the bravery of the passengers who fought back.

A memorial should not honor the Islamofacists who wanted to destroy Americans and
architecture in Washington. Get rid of the red crescent, arc, circle or whatever term is currently in vogue. Get rid of the red trees.

The memorial is to recognize the bravery of the passengers and will be paid for by Americans. It will be maintained by Americans via our taxes which support the
National Park Service.

Get rid of the designer and select someone who understands American patriotism.

If a memorial cannot be designed to exclude any possible connotation of honor to Islam,
just leave the hole in the ground alone. That will remind visitors of what happened and who the heroes were. I completely reject the right of Islam to be represented since it was the distorted view of Islam that led the terrorists to pursue their goals.


Pat in NC
also posted at Pawigoview

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