Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Americans Can Learn From Iraqis

Mohammed writes, "Me and my friends were sitting discussing 'who's best for Iraq?' and the reasons on which each one of us based his/her opinion. I was seeing a drastic change in the sense of the historic responsibility we shoulder.
I see my friends call their friends and acquaintances encouraging them to vote for this candidate or that list and putting effort in convincing them with this or that idea."

I cannot help but think that if more Americans truly evaluated candidates as to who is best for the USA, we might have more competent people in Congress. We might elect true statesmen instead of voting a party line.

Mohammed goes on to say,"I’ll go and vote tomorrow and I will be adding one more brick to the building.
I’m very proud of my nation for it didn’t surrender in spite of all what it’s been through; this nation is fighting, deciding, challenging, falling and rising and trying to learn."

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  1. Check out a funny site dedicated to the absurdity and satire nature of saying “It’s All George Bush’s Fault!”

    Notta Libb

  2. I read it. Isn't he awesome? His brother and he are truly pioneers. I pray God will bless them throughout this coming year.