Monday, December 12, 2005

Evacuees Sue To Extend Hotel Plan

Evacuees Sue To Extend Hotel Plan: "Evacuees' attorneys want a temporary order extending the hotel program, which has cost $350 million so far and housed 85,000 families at its peak. They say that FEMA has failed to provide aid to many who qualify and that information on aid has been slow to reach those who need it most."

Perhaps I am a grinch but I wonder just how long the federal government needs to support the victims of Katrina. How many families across the USA have met tragedy of one type or another that left them without a home or money in the bank. Were all of these people housed then by the federal government for four months? I donated to Katrina relief because the plight of the people truly concerned me. I was more than willing to lend a helping hand to meet the needs for food, water and shelter. Millions of people helped and gave services, shelter and money to buy essentials. The federal government gave two thousand dollars to victims along with the shelter and food. Agencies provided shelter, medical care, clothing and helped many in various ways. Now, four months later we see attempts to sue for continued provision of housing. Have they not yet been able to find work or looked for housing if they receive the government payments they lived on before Katrina. I realize this was a devastating storm, but when does self reliance begin and the dependence on others end? The ill and infirm may need continued assistance, but I think those with reasonable health should be able to provide for themselves. Am I a grinch?

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