Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Senators Need To Act on Priorities

A judge resigns from FISA. Very adolescent behavior if you ask me. President Bush was elected by a majority of the citizens to make the tough decisions necessary to protect our nation. The judge seems to feel he is in a position to second guess the CIC and is therefore more powerful. Since he was not given the opportunity to have the president ask his permission, he now picks up his toys and leaves. I am tired of judges who place themselves above the wishes of the majority whether ruling on a local. state or federal matter. I am more fearful of a runaway judiciary than I am of a chief executive exercising authority over our nation during what is a limited term in office. My right to privacy which may at one time or another be infringed to protect our country is far less fear provoking than knowing the local government could decide they like the location of my home or church and can therefore force me to leave what I hold dear to allow a developer to create a greater tax base. Let the congress get their priorities straight. We are at war and need the provisions of the Patriot Act to protect us. Listening in on a conversation between terrorists and someone in this country is not that important to me. I want protection from terrorists. Our country needs to use every means to achieve that goal.

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