Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Educator In Chief

I have watched three days of President Bush talking to the nation. I am energized to post once again as I see President Bush talk both to various citizens and the white house reporters. He has done a good job of explaining his decisions, current concerns and his optimism. The non reporter groups belie the numbers cited in the polls that indicate the majority of the public no longer support the president. A standing ovations is not usual if you have no faith in the speaker. Of the attendees at his speeches and press conferences I could not help but note the civility and quality of the questions asked by the general public. At least some people really want to elicit a truthful response from the questions and not merely attempt to embarrass the president or somehow work their personal agenda into the questioning. My only regret is that the meetings are not aired in prime time when the working public would have a chance to watch. The clips on the news are far too limiting for the viewer to sense the total response of the persons attending the speeches

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