Friday, March 03, 2006

Semantics And Polls

I saw a clip on TV of Dr. Dean castigating President Bush for lying to the American people that he did not know the levees might be BREACHED. President Bush had been informed that there was a possible danger of the levees being OVER TOPPED, indicating that if the lake filled too much, the water could potentially flow over the top of the levees. Dr. Dean is an educated man and surely knows there is a vast difference between flowing over the top of the levee and the levee actually developing holes which allow vast amounts of water to flow through the breach as opposed to flowing over the top. He demands truth from the president, calls President Bush a liar while he himself is unable to speak truthfully.

Much ado about sagging polls which indicate public support for the Bush Administration is falling. Strange that the even lower poll numbers of the congress is barely mentioned. The Democrats practice obstructionism instead of offering what might be better solutions to problems. The Republicans lack courage to lead. There are times when I think we should elect a totally new congress despite some individuals who may have Americas best interests at heart--as opposed to the majority who seem to hold their own interests and views as more important than what the electorate wants. Two things I would like to see is term limits for congress and that their extravagant retirement program would be scrapped with Social Security being their retirement package. Perhaps then, they would function in the best interests for Americans and fail to gain so much personal power through longevity.

I for one continue to support our President. All his decisions may not please all of the people, his public relations people may fail him too often but he is our elected leader and he keeps working. How many of us would be able to function with all of the hateful rhetoric which never lets up?

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