Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Immigration--My View

Comprehensive immigration reform is definitely needed. I understand the desire of non citizens to live in the United States for the economic and social benefits. I agree that all of our families immigrated at some previous time. I believe the strength of the United States has always been that we welcomed others to join with us as citizens in this great land. Let us then increase the number of legal slots for those who wish to become citizens. Perhaps a path to citizenship for persons who broke our laws to enter the United States is necessary since deportation of all persons here illegally would be difficult, expensive and probably doomed to failure. It seems that the Senate is proposing a method for the persons here illegally to register, pay a fine or back taxes to obtain some temporary permit to stay and work here. They could apply for an extension of the working permit or apply for a green card and begin the path for citizenship. This sounds reasonable in that the government would have the opportunity to find out who is here illegally as well as allow desperate people a chance to live without fear of immediate deportation if they are identified.

Registration for the work permit will give the government time to do background checks to determine if they are worthy of entry.Those who are proven to be unworthy of living in the United States would then be deported.

Increased border security to intercept more persons entering illegally will obviously slow the numbers coming in. Until enough border guards are hired and trained, use the national guard to stop the flow of illegal entry.

A date certain should be determined to make presence in the US without a permit, green card or current visa a felony leading to deportation. Anyone who commits this felony would not only be deported but would be forever ineligible to obtain a visa, work permit or green card to enter legally. This would encourage those already here illegally to register for the aforementioned work permit. It might discourage those who attempt to enter illegally to decide to apply through legal channels for permission to enter rather than sneaking into the country and forever ruining any chance they have of being able to come to the United States.

The path to citizenship must include the need to learn to read, write and speak English. Elimination of interpreters, bilingual legal documents etc. must be phased out over a definite period of years. Spend the funds currently in use for all of the non English accommodations that have been developed over the years to teach English. Those here on work permits will have sufficient time to learn. If they do not choose to become literate in English, they cannot move on toward citizenship. The goal is to assimilate as Americans. They may use their native tongue at home, in their social and religious activities but will use our national language in interacting with the general public and in all official duties and privileges as a citizen.

Empolyers who hire someone without a permit or green card should be responsible for the costs associated with the deportation hearings and the deportation of the person who is here illegally.

This is humane while strengthening our laws. If we do not get to a point where immigration laws are truly strong and enforced, our nation will be overtaken by persons who do not value our history and form of government and have no desire to assimilate. Terrorists, anarchists and common criminals will wreak havoc throughout our land.

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