Thursday, July 13, 2006

In Mortal Danger

Tom Tancredo stands for prevention of illegal aliens invading our nation. He cites the impact on ordinary American citizens who at one time lived with unlocked doors in rural areas, who enjoyed living in Houston, who had aavailable health care in their communities or earned a living wage to support their families. He writes about multiculturism run amok when books in English are thrown out to make room for books in Spanish in the Denver Public Library System. The fallacy that there are jobs Americans won't do really translates to jobs that pay too little to suppport a family accustomed to the basic comforts Americans expect such as appropriate shelter, food, medical care and education.

This nation is made up of many immigrants and the descendents of earlier immigrants who had a real zeal for becoming American. Although these immigrants brought much of their culture with them and spoke their native tongue at home they worked to learn the common language of English and to actually become part of the American fabric. He believes, as do I, that this has led to our strength and that reasonable legal immigration will continue to nourish this nation and add value to our country.

Tancredo writes of meeting with American students who are timid in indicating they have patriotism for the USA while other students overtly express their feelings of American guilt over all of the bad this nation has done. Curriculumn has changed so much since I was in school and our young Americans are no longer taught of the birth of our nation, the motivation of our founding fathers and the struggles this nation has had to develop and maintain the rights we enjoy. There is no evidence of the progress we have made as we strive for true equality of all Americans despite ethnicity or gender.

The failure of our government, both federal and local, to enforce the current laws are responsible for the influx of illegal aliens. This illegal group is made of a variety of people. There are those who would be welcomed into our neighborhoods if they followed our laws, who would have strong families, work hard and function as previous immigrants have over our history. Unfortuneatly too many others are entering along with this group.

Most of us are aware of the group M13 and we fear Islamofacists may enter over our poorly guarded borders. I did not know that Hezbollah was in Mexico. I did not know of the groups of "unofficial" persons known as Madrinas who do whatever illegal activity pays them well. They may make money working with the Mexican government with untraceable and deniable relationship or work for the drug cartels. They may be in uniform as Mexican military and cross the border into our country. When these incursions of Mexicans in military uniform, with military weapons and vehicles are seen and reported, the Mexican government denies any military in the area. I was aware that there is much corruption in governments of all countries. I did not realize the amount in our own immigration system.

I wondered about a provision in the Senate bill that prevented sharing of information between government agencies but learned this has been longstanding. Persons currently charged with approving worker visas or application for citizenship may consider individuals who another agency has flagged as on a watch list. The person who must decide is unable to find out what another American agency such as law enforcement is concerned about. Thus many with criminal background or terrorist ties are rubberstamped and granted the visa or taken into the citizenship path.

If you have not read Representative Tancredo's book, I highly recommend it.

In Mortal Danger, written by Tom Tancredo was published in 2006

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