Sunday, July 09, 2006

Protecting Americans Illegal Aliens

Government seems to continually work against Americans who are trying to safeguard our nation. The Minutemen are trying to put up barriers to prevent illegal aliens from entering US private property. That however seems to intimidate some local officials who are afraid their power is being usurped.

"In response to a plan by the Minuteman Project to construct an Israeli-style border barrier on private land near Naco, the Cochise County Planning Department is advising area ranchers that any such project must comply with county zoning rules.

In a communiqu/ issued last week, the Minutemen announced they would begin constructing an Israeli-style security fence at an Arizona ranch in early July. The anti-illegal immigration group is currently overseeing the construction of a barbed-wire range fence on the border-front property of Jack and John Ladd in Palominas. Speaking at the May 27 groundbreaking for the Ladd’s fence, Minuteman leader Chris Simcox said his group was eyeing a property 4 1/2 miles east of Naco for its next effort.

Using that information, Cochise County Supervisor Paul Newman and Planning Director Judy Anderson drafted a letter to two local property owners asking for clarification."

“We have certain zoning regulations in place, and we need to apply them consistently and fairly to everybody,” Anderson said. “So we may need to make a determination about whether this fence actually meets our exemption for fences in rural areas.”

Despite the laws currently on the books, we find that government makes policies in direct opposition to the law. Funded by taxpayer funds, illegal aliens are granted safe harbor and provided a center for day labor.

Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it has expanded its investigation of government sponsored incentive programs for illegal aliens by filing a “Texas Public Information Act Request” with the Houston Police Department (HPD), and another with the City of Houston. The HPD request relates to General Order 500-5, a so-called “sanctuary policy” for illegal aliens, while the City of Houston request relates to the city’s taxpayer-funded day laborer site for illegal aliens. HPD General Order 500-5, issued in 1992 by then-Police Chief Sam Nuchia, reportedly prevents Houston police officers from asking about an individual’s citizenship status or detaining illegal aliens. Meanwhile, Houston’s day laborer site, which is supported with federal funds from the Community Development Block Grant Program, reportedly provides assistance to illegal aliens seeking jobs. “Publicly-funded incentive programs for illegal aliens not only make the illegal immigration problem worse, but they are also flagrantly illegal,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “It is a violation of federal law to hire an illegal alien. It is a violation of federal law to encourage an illegal alien to cross the border. It is certainly a violation of federal law for government officials to use federal funds to support illegal activity. Judicial Watch will thoroughly investigate Houston’s illegal alien policies and may take further legal action.”

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