Monday, July 03, 2006

We Need Fewer Secrets

According to Jimmy Carter in today's WAPO. " Our government leaders have become increasingly obsessed with secrecy. Obstructionist policies and deficient practices have ensured that many important public documents and official actions remain hidden from our view."

Golly Jimmy, why might they be concerned with keeping secrets? Could it possibly be because we are at war with an insidious enemy who is determined to destroy us? Do you really think you could do a better job? The secrets that have been leaked by a press more concerned with getting a scoop than the safety of Americans seem to be the things a responsible government would do. Of course, you seem to delight in blabbing about how bad my nation is, especially when you can heap praise on governments and tyrants that suppress their people.

Why don't you keep your views secret? That would be a lot more helpful. Just stop undermining the USA and let our currently elected leaders work to keep us safe. In case you are unaware, you are no longer in a leadership position. As a leader you were not effective, now you are merely destructive.

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