Friday, May 27, 2005

David Limbaugh: A betrayal of historic proportions

David Limbaugh speaks for me when he saysDavid Limbaugh: A betrayal of historic proportions: "Even worse, the agreement effectively disenfranchises the majority of the electorate on the most important domestic and social issues facing the nation and which drove many of them to the polls in November. Millions of voters cast their ballots for national candidates in reliance on their belief that these people would stand up for them in the culture war by working to rid the courts of activist judges.
This 'compromise' deal is a gigantic slap in the face to these voters by an elite cadre of legislators who seem to care more about 'collegiality' among their Senate colleagues than vindicating constitutional principles. Even assuming 14 out of 100 Senators can establish comity, would you rather have 100 senators getting along wonderfully while selling constitutional principles down the river, or having these 100 at each others' throats while preserving the Constitution?"

As an Independent, I have always voted for the candidates most in sync with my values and my understanding of the principles upon which our nation was founded. I voted a straight ticket for the first time last November in hopes that if President Bush had enough support in the congress this nation's problems would be addressed and action would be taken. It appears I was wrong. The Senate is in disorder. The minority rants about what they will accept and will not even attempt to act on the problems of Social Security because they do not like a provision that they managed to get for themselves but do not want the electorate to have. They want more liberal judges, ambassadors etc. and smear the candidates who have been naminated by the president. They want their "club" to remain comfy for all rather than stand up for the promises made to be elected.
I have no respect for the manner in which they are behaving. It is my hope that the Republicans come to their senses sooner rather than later and pass the Constitutional option and get on with the nation's business. I wish we the people had the power to recall the lot of them, get rid of their golden fleece retirement plan and put them in Social Security. Hard working Americans are facing the possibility of losing thir pension plans -- I think congress should face the same.

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  1. Why do you think I wrote the "Conservative Party" platform??? I am so disgusted I could really slap someone (of them!) How dare they! We have all withheld funds from all souces. Don't worry. They will be coming to their senses soon. Hehehe.