Monday, May 16, 2005

To Newsweek

I have been upset with the liberal bias so apparent in the past year but still continued to read it and found an occasional article that was of interest.

As an Independent who has often voted for Democrats, I was able to overlook your constant bashing of the current political leadership and failure to support our troops in any meaningful way.

Your current lack of judgment is beyond my ability to overlook. To print such a story about desecration of the Quran that would so obviously fuel Anti-American
views was not done because it was such dramatic news. This was done to embarrass the administration without a thought of concern about how it would be received by the Arab world or how it would endanger Americans in Muslim countries be they civilian or military.

The deaths of the people involved in the riots are the fault of those who chose to report inflammatory information without absolute, undeniable proof of a story which is surely not worthy of the printer’s ink.

I hope they are enjoying the pictures of our flag being burned by a people America has spent much blood and treasure to free from terrible oppression. You can now write another article about how this administration and our military are failing to win hearts and minds since you have so effectively found a way to make the job of cnvincing people of other cultures that this melding pot we know as America is really anti-Muslim.

I have written to the subscription service to cancel my subscription since as an American I cannot accept your total disregard for the wellbeing of our nation and our military during the war on terror whether or not you personally support our current efforts.