Friday, May 27, 2005

Rosemary's Ideas

My friend, Rosemary posted her political platform the other day. I have to say I agree with the majority of it. What do you think?

My Newz 'n Ideas: "Here is my platform:

1. Pro-life.
2. Pro-choice in education
3. Pro-choice in social security.
4. Pro-choice for the right to work (without joining a union).
5. Pro-fair trade. If it is not a true democracy country, we do not trade.
6. Pro-religious freedom. I have to respect you, fine. You have to respect me, too. It's a two way street.
7. Pro-English first and only on government documents.
8. Pro-LEGAL immigration.
9. Pro-extraditing illegal aliens.
10. Pro-limiting the role of judges to rule on the cases that come before them. NOT to create law or legislate from the bench.
11. Pro-international health protection as pertains to entering the USA. You must be seen by a USA doctor at one of several checkpoints to make sure you do not bring any diseases with you. No one with a disease shall enter this country unless it is not contageous, and you pay for it.
12. Pro-death penalty for 1 murder, 1 rape, 1 child molestation, and I'm sure there is more.
13. Pro-lock 'em up. That is any businesses hiring illegal aliens. No fines alone. Bigger fines, longer time in prison.
14. Pro-border patrol. Send the National Guard to all borders. Period.
15. Pro-parent-teacher control of the school budget, to be overseen by the State Accounting Office.
16. Pro-get rid of the people that are in the way of progress and change.
17. Pro-sales tax after the repeal of the tax amendment. 7%, that's it. Not one red cent more.
18. Pro-private property.
19. Pro-conservation.
20. Pro-animal protection.
21. Pro-helping our neighbors by encouraging the public to donate instead of the government unlawfully spending tax-payer dollars.
22. Pro-constitution. Anything Powers not given Congress belong to the State. Period. No more usurpation of power.
23. Pro-USA citizenship protection act. Unless you are a citizen when you have a child, the child is also illegal!
24. Pro-any more issues I have missed but may think of at a later date!"


  1. Wow! That's pretty good. I would add pro-growth, pro-family, pro-choice of property, pro-choice to own a gun and carry it with me, etc. Hehehe.

  2. You ok?1:26 AM

    I have a porblem with you list you write:
    "Pro-get rid of the people that are in the way of progress and change."

    While it's not unheard of for the right-wing to want to "get rid of" people they don't like (need an example, think of Nazi Germany), the qualifiers you place on it tend to indicate that you're in favor of getting rid of yourself. That poses some questions about you mental stability.

  3. Probably the best platform i've ever heard. I'd vote for it. Ignore the troll, he's just jealous that his side lost. ;)

  4. Alli:

    I'm not a troll...

    I brought up a valid point.

    You have no idea what "my side" is. In the context of this post, my "side" is that we ought not to exterminate peopel we disagree with as this post suggests. While this view point may be falling out of favor, I fully believe that the majority of American people would reject such action placign them firmly on my "side."

    For the record, If you can climb down off your high horse for a second and speak intelligently, I'll give you the chance to tell everyone how I voted. You seem to know (though I suspect you mgiht be surprised). You have no idea what my "side" is and the fact that you think you know based on 74 words demonstrates a vast arrogance.