Friday, May 05, 2006

One Census, Two Groups

Census, as defined by Starware is the "official count of the number of persons and their condition and of the resources of a country."

The number of illegal aliens residing and working in the U. S. appears unknown and estimates vary. I think American citizens deserve to know just how many persons are here illegally before any plans are made to increase the number of green cards to be granted. I therefore support separate counts of citizen and non-citizen persons in the next official U. S. Census.

The way in which the official census is used such as determining voting districts, number of representatives to state and national government office should be based on the Citizen count.

Funding based on census would be based on the citizen count since I do not believe any social services other than emergency care for life threatening illness should be provided to persons here illegally.

The accuracy of any census relies on honesty both of census takers and those responding to the questionnaire. Since so many fake documents are used by illegal aliens, I would like to see biometric identification issued to all aliens who have pursued legal entry such as via visa or greencard.

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