Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Throw Open The Prison Doors

In the senate bill employers will be given a pass for breaking the law by hiring illegal aliens and the aliens will be given a pass for illegal entry, use of false documents etc., I believe Congress should treat Citizens behind bars with the same compassion. Perhaps they will keep the truly violent criminals in prison. But those poor souls such as Duke Cunningham and ilk along with the petty thief and the alcoholic who chooses to drive under the influence should all be allowed to return home. The non violent felons can pay a fine and earn their freedom and regain all rights of citizenship. The alcoholic caught driving will enter the Mayo Clinic and all will be well. Honest, hard working citizen taxpayers will just absorb the losses of financial security, lack of hospital facilities (closed due to frequent use by the formerly illegal aliens) and continue to vote to retain the 'Statesmen' who are selling our sovereignty down the river. Sarcasm off!

Big business is surely flexing their muscles behind the scenes to get the politicians to forgive their law breaking. This will stimulate more hiring of illegal aliens who enter the USA illegally and wait for the next amnesty. This will be easy since our government will again forget the laws on the books and the promises to secure the border.

I am glad I am in my retirement years but I fear for our citizens who have over the years worked in the service and construction industries. Factories move overseas and the factory workers have sought employment in other areas.

The new citizens will also be looking for work as the new wave of illegal aliens undercut their salaries. We have had a balance over the years of people with few skills, those with moderate skills and the more highly skilled. Somehow they mangaged to find a job they were able to do and support themselves and their families. As more of our more highly skilled jobs are exported overseas we see a shift downward of jobs available.

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