Monday, May 01, 2006

Open Letter To Nativo Lopez

Nativo Lopez, president of the Mexican American Political Association,opposes guest-worker programs supported by President Bush and Sen. John McCain, calling them an infringement on the rights of those who want to come to America

Dear Mr.. Lopez,

As a fourth generation American I question why you feel persons who enter our country illegally or stay beyond time here as a legal guest have rights. Nobody is trying to control or remove persons here legally. As a nation of people with immigrant roots, we welcome people who wish to immigrate and become part of the United States of America. We ask only that they follow our laws and apply for permission to immigrate. Many throughout this world follow this procedure and wait years to have their application approved. They are welcomed by the majority of Americans. They have "rights" to learn about our history, learn our language and become naturalized citizens. Only then do they truly have "rights" as Americans.

Perhaps the word "united" in the name of our country has somehow slipped past you. Not only does this term represent the individual states as being "united" in our form of government but more importantly "united" represents how citizens born here and citizens newly arrived join in supporting the well being of the country we all love.

The American family wants to embrace people of other cultures. We ask only that they wait for an initiation to come.

I am assuming you are a citizen. I am sorry you hold this gift in such disdain that you support breaking our laws. I am sorry you do not support the manner in which immigrants have assimilated since the beginning of our nation. You have the ability to retain your personal cultural history and language in your home and even in enclaves of persons with similar ethnic or religious backgrounds. This has always been the case. Assimilation is a gradual process and as children of immigrants learn the American culture they meld into it.

Why are your efforts not aimed at improving our immigration process? If we need workers, as is stated repeatedly, let us invite more people to come here legally.
Let us streamline the process to increase the numbers admitted while retaining our right to screen the applicants and reject those with criminal records and those who wish to infiltrate our nation to overthrow our way of life. Many persons who fall into the category of "Hispanic" would be included but not necessarily be the majority. Many could be undereducated but not necessarily the majority.

I believe that the majority of the illegal aliens currently in the USA are good people who have been misguided in their attempts to enter the country. I believe they share many of our values such as love of family, God, and country. You must be aware that among these good people there have been many who do not share these values and in fact are in our prisons because they have been convicted of crimes or are being sought because of crime. Demonstrators have shown that they do not share love of this country above their love for their home country. You must also know that we are currently fighting terrorism throughout the world. We do not want terrorists to come across open borders into our country.

You oppose a program which would allow persons from other nations to apply for guest worker status. You are attempting to hurt our nation at the same time you are demanding that our nation recognize rights for people who, although present in our nation, are not willing to follow the laws of this nation.

You have a "right" to voice your opinion, but you are "wrong" for America.


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