Friday, May 26, 2006

Will We Remain A Sovereign Nation?

The US Senate passed a bill to weaken our national sovereignty by allowing aliens to demand and get citizenship despite breaking our laws either through illegal entry or overstaying the permit to be here. Our system of laws seems to apply only to our citizens while non citizens are granted the benefits of amnesty for illegal entry, falsification of documents and identity theft. This battle is not over and I pray the House of Representatives will remain firm regarding securing our borders and then finding and penalizing those who break our established laws by employing persons here illegally. Forgiving aliens for falsifying documents and identity theft is not acceptable to me.

Yesterday I got an Email alert regarding the UN scheduling a meeting on July 4, 2006 regarding the drive to ban civilian firearm ownership worldwide.

Today,Sally McNamara writes in her column at Townhall that the "U.N., is leading the gambit for perhaps its biggest power-grab yet - independent tax-raising powers or globo-taxation. "


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