Friday, May 12, 2006

Our Government: Stuck on Stupid!

Doug Hagin makes some valid points about the failure of Congress to accomplish anything that really has an effect. Congress talks and talks about the cost of gas but does not allow drilling of our own national reserves. In the past, laws pertaining to illegal entry into the US have been passed but promptly ignored and remain unenforced. It is time to demand Congress act in the interest of our country by actually solving some problems instead of more rhetoric.

Our Government: Stuck on Stupid! by Doug Hagin - The New Media "It does not take too many brain cells to figure out that increased enforcement will help secure our border more effectively. Build a wall, hire more border patrol agents, stop the insane practice of catch and release, tell Mexico�s corrupt government to do their part and work to make their country better instead of encouraging their people to come here illegally, and enforce the laws on the books! Meanwhile, if we can improve our laws fine, but laws without enforcement have never and will never work!"

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