Saturday, July 23, 2005

Free Speech

Shamalama writes an interesting post.Common Folk Using Common Sense: Free Speech: Only For Liberals
I took his advice and wrote the following Email to the principle regarding Free Speech:

As an Independent voter I am less and less likely to vote for a Democratic candidate when people like you misuse your position to challenge someone who does not agree with your personal philosophy. Democrats claim to be for the people but it is increasingly clear that it is only for the people who follow in lock step with the Democratic agenda. Where is the tolerance for differing opinions? Since when is a sitting President's picture not permitted in a classroom in the U. S. A.? As a senior citizen who has voted all of my adult life for Democrats and Republicans based on my knowledge on their stance on issues important to me and our country, I see Democrats such as yourself increasingly attempting to diminish the civil rights of persons with opposing viewpoints. This definitely is not the way to win friends or influence people. You are an employee of a school system that is supported by people of all parties and are clearly out of step with what mainstream people expect from our educators. Attempts to stifle citizens rights when they are at varience with your views is totally inappropriate in a tax supported institution.

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  1. This is typical left-wing democratic behavior actually. I would say it’s even fascistic but, unfortunately, fascism is a Republican-only state of mind, at least according to the democratic blogosphere.