Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Three Rules of War

A group known as Marine Corps Moms had the following post yesterday.

"Letters home from our military heroes in Iraq and Afghanistan describe the reality of combat from those who experience it with stunning clarity. Col. Brett Wyrick, Commander of the 154th Medical Group, Hawaii Air National Guard, is currely deployed as a surgeon in Balad with the 332nd Expeditionary Medical Group. He recently wrote a letter home to his father, describing the valiant efforts of a top-notch group of medical professionals to save the life of a young soldier. Read the letter in full here. I thought his closing thoughts were a wonderful reminder of the price paid by heroes throughout the centuries so that we can enjoy a carefree holiday weekend. And, unfortunately, some will enjoy it without putting overmuch thought into the men and women who have made it possible.
Col Wyrick's letter:
The first rule of war is that young men and women die. The second rule of war is that surgeons cannot change the first rule. I think the third rule of war should be that those who have given their all for our freedom are never forgotten, and they are always honored.
I wish there was not a war, and I wish our young people did not have to fight and die. But I cannot wish away evil men like Bin Laden and al-Zarqawi. These men are not wayward children who have gone astray; they are not great men who are simply misunderstood.
These are cold-blooded killers and they will kill you, me, and everyone we love and hold dear if we do not kill them first. You cannot reason with these people, you cannot negotiate with these people, and this war will not be over until they are dead. That is the ugly, awful, and brutal truth.
I wish the situation was different, but it is not. Americans have two choices. They can run from the threat, deny it exists, candy-coat it, debate it, and hope it goes away. And then, Americans will be fair game around the world and slaughtered by the thousands for the sheep they have become.

Our second choice is to crush these evil men where they live and for us to have the political will and courage to finish what we came over here to do.

The last thing we need here in Iraq is an exit strategy or some damn timetable for withdrawal. Thank God there was no timetable for withdrawal after the Battle of the Bulge or Iwo Jima. Thank God there was no exit strategy at Valley Forge. Freedom is not easy, and it comes with a terrible price - I saw the bill here yesterday.

The third rule of war should be that we never forget the sacrifices made by our young men and women, and we always honor them. We honor them by finishing what they came to accomplish. We remember them by never quitting and having the backbone and the guts to never bend to the yoke of oppression.

We honor them and remember them by having the courage to live free."

Marine Corps Moms: The Three Rules of War: "

As we celebrate our historical Independence Day, let us remember that our battle for independence and freedom continues. We honor those who have struggled and given their lives or physical or emotional wellbeing in order that we may live in freedom. I support our efforts in this
War on Terror and thank God our leaders are not listening to those who demand timetables and do their best to undermine our military in this struggle. Let us honor those who in past centuries fought for our nation by honoring and supporting those who carry on in the very best
traditions of American Patriots.

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