Monday, July 18, 2005


"Iranian dissidents appealed to the United Nations to support calls for freedom for Akbar Ganji, the brave writer who is being tortured in Tehran for the sin of exposing the murderous activities of the theocratic regime of the Islamic republic. The top dog at the U.N., Kofi Annan, declined to take a stand, claiming he did not know enough to have an opinion" according to Michael Ledeen. Link
Why are the Democrat leaders so hung up on Gitmo while overlooking the fact that the head of the U.N. is so poorly informed that he has no opinion on the human rights travesty in Iran? Why are we spending so much time discussing Karl Rove and Joe Wilson in a non-crime story and pay no attention to the lack of positive actions by the U. N.?

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  1. This is because if they actually looked, they might actually be called to do something. I called Diane Feinstein, Sen. today. I was in tears. My heart is breaking over this. I have called the President, who has demanded his release, and I have signed petitions. He is near death. I also wrote about him in all three of my sites. Good job. You are not alone in this struggle, no matter how lonely and helpless it feels. God loves you.